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1 Forum Rules on Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:16 am


1) [No Flames]
No cursing out or degrading other players. We are all here to have fun and we don't need the drama nor the annoyance. Treat people as you would like to be treated, or you will get banned.
2) [Listen to Staff]
The members of staff belong to this site for three reason; to serve the registered users of this site, make sure the majority of the players are having a good time, and running this site smoothly. Listen to us and have respect, and we will in turn give you that respect.
3) [Don't Cheat]
No making over powered countries unless consulting with one of the staff first. We want this to be a fun environment, not one where everyone must constantly be on their toes. We have enough anxiety in real life. Although you should expect to be attacked or something of the sort, this is in fact a nation simulator.
4) [Spelling and Grammar]
It would be nice if all posts could be put through some sort of word processor before being added to the site. Although one is already furnished on the forum itself, it's advisable to use word. The staff and I are just asking for decent spelling and grammar, we know people are not perfect.
5) [Post Length]
All posts will need to be a minimum of two paragraphs. I'm looking for quality not quantity, but substantial posts with plenty of thought put into them is good.


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