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The Riasean Legion [Military Unit]

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1 The Riasean Legion [Military Unit] on Wed May 26, 2010 5:33 pm



The Riasean Legion
It's purpose is to stop an invading force completely or slow it down until reinforcements can arrive. And it is outfitted accordingly with light weapons and armor for maximum mobility in the field. Originally the legion was called the First Legion of Celis and was established in 258 YOI making up the bulk of Celisian military force at the time of it's creation. In the year 269 YOI the legion had been dismantled and was little more than a glorified Centuria. During this time the legion and it's commander was ordered to protect and oversee the construction of the first Fort Aevum. The legion gained great renown during the First Battle of Aevis Run due to the valor and bravery shown by the legions soldiers and officers. They gained so much renown in fact that the regent at the time Daltrae Rias Malavre took notice of them. He ordered for the rearmament and construction of the First and for them to be upgraded with the best soldiers and equipment the kingdom could provide. Daltrae also decided that the legion would take his crest which was a burning phoenix and was to be known as the Riasean Legion after his middle name.

Since that time the Legion has become known for it's military excellence and valor in the field. Only the best of the kingdoms knights and soldiers can apply for the legion, and only so many of them get admittance. The Legion has just recently been given over to the command of Triumvir Robert Melhavre, who has let it be known that he plans on making more than a few changes to it's current layout.

Legion Layout/Population
Commander: Triumvir Robert "Prowler" Melhavre
Banner: The Legions official banner is a red phoenix on a black background. The Phoenix carries a shield and a spear in either claw.
Purpose: Protect Celis from invasion. Special.

Wolf Cohort -

Commander: Knight Commander Eames Croft
Banner: A howling wolf with a large moon in the background.
Weapons: Daggers, Short Swords, and Pikes.
Equipment: Chainmail.
Purpose: Defense against calvary or Novustrals, also good against other heavy units.
Eagle Cohort -

Commander: Knight Claudius Harvel
Banner: An eagle with it's wings spread wide with a sun in the background.
Weapons: Daggers, Gladius, Short Spear, [2] Pilum.
Equipment: Lorica Segmenta, Scutums.
Purpose: Heavy Infantry.
Dragon Cohort -

Commander: Knight Karen Asril
Banner: A dragon shooting a stream of flame.
Weapons: Daggers, Short Swords, Repeating Crossbows.
Equipment: Studded Leather, Buckler.
Purpose: Light Infantry/ Ranged.
Angel Cohort -

Commander: Knight Commander Micah "Murder" Voyeaux
Banner: An angel outfitted in armor with a short sword in hand.
Weapons: Daggers, Xiphos, Short Spears.
Equipment: Half- Plate, Huscarl Round Shields.
Purpose: Heavy Infantry/ Line Holding.
Daemon Cohort -

Commander: Knight Commander Shanye "Shadow" Xmukon
Banner: A man with a sword starring off into the distance.
Weapons: Heavy Hunting Knife, Khopesh, Recurve Bows.
Equipment: Chainmail, Bucklers, Dark Cloaks, Demon masks
Purpose: Light Infantry/ Ranged Infantry/ Scare Tactics.
Horse Cohort -

Commander: Knight Terris Asril
Banner: A large black stallion.
Weapons: Lance, Spatha, Short Bow.
Equipment: Heavy Wooden Round Shield, Half- Plate.
Purpose: Light Cavalry/ Ranged Cavalry.

Legion Population -
Fighting Forces: 3500
Support/Camp: 200


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