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Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI]

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1 Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:11 pm

Owen Law

“Finally! Took long enough to get back.”

As Owen Law entered the camp, soldiers stood to the left and right of an aisle, holding their heads high as if they’d known he was coming, something he’d tried hard to keep a secret.

“Hello there! Good to see you! How are you doing, soldier?”

The fake smile across his lips was for their benefit only, to him it felt like he’d been branded by the political position he’d agreed to. Seeing these battle hardened soldiers that had been the front lines in so many battles, it brought back memories of his own tenure in the unit. It was the past though, he was now Triumvir of Celis, a position no one could’ve seen him having from the beginning; a nice little twist on life.

“Sire, please! We need to keep moving down the line, your schedule doesn’t allow for too much time out here, especially with all these… bloodthirsty heathens!”

That lousy assistant would never understand, trying to explain it to him would be like teaching the mountains to speak. Bonds were built, especially in this unit. The Riasean Legion was the reason Novus was even still around, they’d probably saved Celis as an entirety.

Nodding to the soldiers as he passed, Owen held his hand up, giving one of the Centurions a handshake and congratulations. He didn’t know the man, but seeing the smile across the random person’s face made it worth it. While Owen couldn’t quite grasp the diplomatic role that he held as well as the upper class citizens that always tried to pull plans together for a senate of sorts, he would always know these soldiers and how they felt. His life had been devoted to the military and among the other priorities that were set for the city and state; just taking a break to look over his Legions gave him a bit of peace.

As Owen neared the end of the line, he turned around to stare over the group. The top soldiers in the best legion Celis had to offer. Robby deserved the credit, he seemed to be taking care of everything extremely well.

Hearing the sound of horses behind him, the man turned quickly on his heels, watching the outside of the encampment as a group of horses rode in, a white stallion in the middle of them all without a rider, being Triumvir had a couple of advantages. As they came to a stop, he stepped forward and took his mount upon the horse, looking back over the unit, knowing how depleted it was. The usually intimidating sight was less of a Legion as battle had taken a heavy toll upon them. A sense of pride swept over him, having been able to serve these fine gentlemen in combat, his arm quickly raising a salute as he stared to one of the banners hanging high in the center of the camp. Slowly, more and more arms rose, and soon the entire group. Taking a breath though, he realized that he needed to move on.

“Men! You are the pride of every Celisian citizen, regardless of race. We may be in a time of fragile peace right now, but even while we sit and work on building up our nation, there are still many enemies out there as well as unexplored territories that we have not set foot into. You fight for your families, your friends.. and without you, we wouldn’t even be here.”

As he turned the horse around, he had to shake his head. He was terrible at speeches, regardless of what they were about. Leading by example he could do, but when it came down to a governmental matter, that was near-impossible.

Glancing at the advisor, he gave a defeated stare as a smile crossed the assistant’s lips, knowing that his schedule would be upheld. As the light cavalry around him began galloping off, Law glanced back once more and sighed before taking off toward Novus, needing to talk to Robby about the situations he’d witnessed at the north defenses.

2 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:38 pm


Ellara drummed her fingers on the table. She was anxious. She hated meetings, sitting, and the like, especially when she could be doing something productive. Of course she was early, and no one else was, so she decided to study the map on the wall of the small room. The country was larger than she'd given it credit for. Still, it only took her a few minutes to memorize the major cities and their general locations. After that, she began to scan the small towns until she found Ovian, her hometown. A sudden pang of longing washed over her, and vanished just as quickly as it had come. There was nothing for her there, now.

Footsteps approached from the hallway, so she took her seat back and watched the door. Robert had arrived. She would only call him Robert, because Prowler made him sound like a beast, which he wasn't, and Robby was something for friends. She barely knew him so she left it at Robert.

"Oh, good, someone else is here. What's with the meeting?"

Before he could answer, a man burst into the room and, panting, exclaimed, "Forgive me, my lord, but..." He paused and appraised Ellara before correcting himself, "...and lady, but Sir Owen will be here shortly. He had to make an appearance and is now on his way. His adviser sends his apologies and hopes that he will be able to make amends soon enough."

The man left of his own accord and Ellara smirked, amused by the adviser's "wholehearted" attempt to keep his job. Personally, she would have fired him just for the sport, and because she would never try to contain a man with a person crawling around behind him pointing to the sky for the time. But, then again, she was always early, or at least on time, so she wouldn't need someone like that. Maybe Sir Owen did, or maybe he was caught in the joke of his job.

She turned her attention back to Robert.

"You were saying? Or were you just going to let it surprise me?"

Her annoyance had begun to grow, and she realized she had taken it out on him. She sighed and began to count her breaths slowly, checking the smoothness and length of each. After a minute, her mind was calm, although she had failed to pay attention to Robert. Well, she'd find out soon enough.

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3 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:32 pm


Robby walked into the small room and took a seat in one of the comfortable cushioned chairs present in the room. He smiled over at Ellara and was just about to answer her question when a messenger burst into the room obviously in disarray, and from the panting issuing through his mouth winded as well. Robby listened to what the man had to say and his smile turned into a look of slight irritation. Which was then replaced by a knowing smile as Robby thought of the times and reasons he had been late to meetings as also. He mentally scolded himself as he noticed that he had jumped to conclusions so quickly instead of thinking it through. Hurrying the man made his exit leaving the room silent for but a moment before Ellara spoke up. Raising an eyebrow at the comment and tone of voice she had spoken to him in, he shook his head and slumped back into his chair.

"Well I was going to tell you what I knew before that man entered the room, but he and then you didn't give me an inkling of a chance to do so. Even I don't know exactly what the meeting is about or why Owen called it. The message Owen sent me only told about problems up north, other then that I am as clueless as yourself. He was going to give the specifics on the matter during this meeting. You were saying?"

The last part Robby said with more than a little bit of sarcasm. Since he was annoyed at the way she had handled herself after the man had left. He thought she should try to keep her temper in check, and also noted that he hadn't as well. Shaking his head again Robby arose from his chair and walked over to the map on the far side of the room. Looking at the northern section of the country he had a lot on his mind, and wondered what exactly Owen had called the meeting for. His brow wrinkled in worry and he realized it could be nothing but trouble.. big trouble..


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Owen Law

Yeah.. I figured it might be important.

Stepping through the door, he gave a small sigh before leaning into the table, resting on his arms as he glanced between the two. He held a slightly defeated look across his face, more or less exhaustion as he'd been gone, finding it hard to sleep in the comforts given to him by the small group that followed him almost wherever he went.

Up north, I figured I'd take a small break from the capital. Just within the kingdom, there is quite a serious unrest with the smaller towns. They're taxed just as the rest but it's harder for our supply lines to hit them. Our lines have been attacked many times by, well.. I guess bandits since no one has ever come back, but they aren't reaching them. I'm talking about a rebellion.

Rolling his eyes, he could barely believe he was saying it. He tried to be a good leader, though he knew it wasn't exactly his best fit. Nothing he could really do about it unless it came to stepping down, something he didn't want to even comprehend unless it was fully necessary.

It's small now, one town was burnt to the ground as it housed a small militia arsenal, but it was cleared out. It seems to be building but we have no idea how quickly or anything, they smoked out any kind of intelligence we had in the area and quickly.. dispatched of it.

A grimace crossed his face, knowing exactly how the men had been tortured. Beaten within inches of their very lives before being cut apart limb by limb, a barbaric treatment of such fine men, but it didn't seem to be the end of it.

I'm not saying we need a full military strategy, but this can't come within the kingdom, especially if it passes the Tower of Aevum. The worst part though, they could easily get the attention of the northern tribes who are outside of our control, the ones who would like to see us burn. If that happens, we're going to have a civil war, and I'd really prefer not to have that tied to myself, let alone the three of us. If you have any ideas, please.. let them be known soon. Otherwise; I'm said to say, but we will take this action to keep it from coming closer to Novus.

Taking a breath, he glanced across the table once more, his fists clenched on nothing as his face softened, but his eyes still held the deep intensity that he'd walked in with. He was angry at himself, though he'd never admit it, and even while he knew being reckless and unleashing the military upon the commoners that were fighting for their rights to what they were promised when they came under Celis, what they paid for with their taxes.. it had to remain a possibility, it would be his call.

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Ellara listened with a detached look on her face. She watched him speak, not particularly sure whether or not she should tell them that she'd known about this. Heck, she'd grown up in one of those towns. Did they know about the boiling tension among the lower classes? And did they think they could just tax everyone equally? Taxing based on income... a difficult, but necessary system, in her eyes. And then there were these new warriors rising at dusk to take out anyone that bore the marks of their country. Yes, she knew, and she wished she didn't. It would be too easy to just say, "I told you so," because she hadn't said it enough.

"I don't suggest military action, honestly..." She paused, collected herself, then continued quietly, "I know I'm not much to either of you, but the people are restless as it is. If you start attacking them, you're going to have a real rebellion on your hands, and let me assure you that you really, really don't want that. There have been whispers in the streets. Crime is on the rise, people are murdering in the scummy areas, and they're leaving messages which never reach your eyes. Believe it or not, you're going to have to face this. While I'm not much more than a servant next to either of you, I will say that if you attack in blood, you'll just anger even more people."

Ellara fell silent, studying her hands, intent on them as if she were trying to memorize the marks her palms might leave. Just when someone was about to speak, she cut them off by adding, "If you want my suggestion, you should win the hearts of the people back, one city, town, and province at a time. It sounds absurd, but I feel it's necessary."

After a moment, she stopped looking at her fingers and caught eye contact with Robert and Owen both, fierce compassion and upset burning from her eyes to theirs. After a few moments spent for each of them, she relented.

"That's only a suggestion, though. I know you're both busy trying to prevent the war from coming further into our country, but you really should make time for your people as well. They are, after all, the source of your power. Undermining their opinions would be a very poor choice in times of turmoil. ...I'm done now with all my suggesting, I'm sorry if I cut you off."

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Owen Law

Recalling taxes would hurt us as a whole as well. I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway, Ellara, but it's not as if they've been taxed to the brink where they would be destroyed in any form. We've been sending convoys to them, even with an armed escort and still, these supplies aren't making it to them. These attacks have been extremely hostile, and while we may be to blame for them not getting what they pay for, we're working on getting it.

A smirk came over his face, she had that fire within her that reminded her of himself long ago, guess his had gone out with the lighthearted political career that seemed to leave him a shell of his former self. Pulling a pair of glasses from his neck, he set them on the bridge of his nose and glanced through a couple papers, reports that had been sent from surrounding villages that had held loyalists to Celis.

They seem more angered than we could have ever imagined though, regardless of how much attention had been pushed into the smaller outlying towns. We have a small line to somewhat.. "contain" it, but until we can understand what happened to these convoys, we can't fully grasp how this is getting started. I don't want to think of any conspiracy theories, but could these be more or less.. set up? I mean, political espionage isn't exactly the biggest problem that we worry about, but this isn't exactly normal.

Shuffling the papers together, he realized how much of a politician he had become, when he was living on the streets, espionage probably wasn't even part of his vocabulary. Taking off his glasses, he glanced over at Robby, giving a shrug as he returned to Ellara.

Your second claim of crime within the city.. it has, well.. it's under control Miss. Something I took, very seriously.

Passing a report across the table to her, he nodded for her to read:

Crime boss - Damien Mikhael

Known throughout the city through fear and his "punishments." Remains most violent within city walls and has kept himself in the public eye since the main whispers of unrest in the north had begun, possibly even starting them himself for personal gain.

Areas - Market

Controlling the flow of products from the depository to the merchants, tax on the items just to allow the merchants to sell otherwise "protection" isn't offered. Vendors frightened but will not explain associates who oversee the operation.


The underworld has always been an interest to me. I grew up in it, in fact, my first job. Crime will always be a problem though if we continuously have to look outside of our borders for these problems. We're not as big as one might think, and as long as we grow, then we have to keep track of what's going on within these city walls. I'm sorry about the smaller towns, in fact, you're here to help us deal with these problems, yes?

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Ellara was quite calm as her idea was shoved aside. Smiling, she gave up her battle, because she knew there was no winning. Not to be a childish little girl, but... Nah, I'm younger than either of them. I'm allowed. Well, that's just too bad! She took it like she was standing before the Gods who were going to decide whether she went to heaven or hell. She'd laid out her case and story, and they had decided her fate. I think I might actually go to hell for all this time I've wasted trying to change the way things are done. It just won't happen, I can see. Changing her view, she looked at Robert. He was young, and seemed genuinely interested in doing everything he could politically to help his people. She then gave Owen the same look. She could tell he was righteously geared, but his resolve was broken. He looked tired, worn and probably a little damaged. Is this what becomes of our leaders? Do we break them so? She bridled at the thought. She would NEVER let that happen to her, not ever.

But, here she was giving up. She didn't have the authority to override these men, and she wouldn't be helping anyone if she got herself knocked down a few notches because of reckless behavior. There's got to be a solution... What is he focusing on?

The report almost made Ellara want to hit herself, but she contained herself and spoke in a serious, even tone of voice, "So, you know ONE crime lord exists. What about the others? And what are you going to do with him? Your report clearly states that no one will talk because his grip on this city is one of cold fear."

She thought back again to her previous question. What is he focusing on? Reviewing the conversation mentally, she made a small list and began to try to personally attack each point. I'm not broken yet, Sir, and I'll fight for my opinion until you break me.

"I'm not saying you recall the taxes, I'm saying you should redistribute them. Their convoys are probably being attacked by a network. Perhaps you should have a small military group of trained soldiers designed to hunt look into it?"

She frowned. "You've been addressing me, so I will answer you. Anyway, I'm not just worried about masses of people. Masses are easy to control. Individuals will scheme and plan and plot around you until you're left with no control. And no, I don't just mean crime lords."

Her eyes softened and she stood. "I'm speaking out of line. Please forgive me, Robert." She offered him a courteous bow, and another to Owen. "It is not my place... I was tempted into speech and now I think I ought to excuse myself before I make any more bad choices." Her body was stiff, unwilling to move, but she forced herself to step toward the door.

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Owen Law

Shaking his head, his grey eyes rolled as he turned to her.

You're as welcome here as anywhere else in the city, please sit down. It's your place to speak, that's why Robby brought you in here in the first place. Miss, or whatever you would like to be referred to as, I'm not trying to push your idea out of favor or make you seem as if I'm not listening. I know that the people are the only source of our power, but it's not like we'd be pushing a military advancement anytime soon.

Sitting down, he leaned back in the chair, letting his head fall back as he stared at the ceiling. His mind began racing, trying to add everything up as fast as he could, but it kept falling to other options, then to the Capital, Novus itself.

The crime lord I showed you is the main one within the city right now. None of the others matter as long as he's sitting on his throne of fear and violence. He'll be handled soon enough, but crime rates actually haven't gotten any higher within the last few years. I'm sorry our market seems to be in tatters sometimes, but we're actually more stable than we'd been in a long time.

I know in me violence isn't going to solve anything outside the city as well though, it'd be a pointless bloodshed, but we can't have these shipments under our fault when we've started working against whatever is going on.

Turning to Robby, he tilted his head a bit as he observed the young triumvir, oddly silent in these meetings as he was usually the figurehead for the people. More or less though, he was to keep Owen from getting lost in the political world and making decisions, after all, he was smart on the battlefield, lost almost anywhere else.

I visited the Raisean Legion on my way back, a nice little trip where I felt home. They seem lacking in men, but as a scouting party I believe they would do just fine. If you could, do you think it would be valid to send them north, we'll set the shipment once again and keep them in the shadows. It's about the oldest trap known, but it might just let us find out what's going on. Unless these rebellions come onto our soil, they'll be fine so make sure these soldiers know about it. No harm to any soul unless they make the first attack. We need our best men on this.

Glancing at the document that had been sitting on the table, he reached out, crumpling it in his hand.

We need to keep a few extra soldiers within our police force before the Raisean move out. Their leaders are better than any we've got around here for the most part, we could use it. The people will understand the upped police force hopefully, and it should cut down if we set up a small task for our higher ranking to move into the market district and push against these crooks bullying the smaller merchants. Although...

Looking up to Ellara, a warm smile crossed his lips as his hands settled behind his head.

Set about winning the people's love. If we're to rule, we need to follow the guidelines set by the people to work for the people. We'll work on our envoys that go further out to these small towns and villages; and you, Miss, are to organize them to the best way you see fit.

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Ellara grinned. Okay, now she had more work, but she'd won a little bit. Something non-violent...for the most part... was being done, and that was what mattered. Now, organizing convoys was something she'd never been involved with, but she could learn. Great, now I have to study AND learn about economic stuff. Spectacular. While she didn't mind helping out, she wasn't really sure this was in her job description. I guess my job description just got expanded.

"Fighting the wars the people won't is one way to win their hearts, I suppose."

Without really thinking about it, Ellara crouched, lost in thought. She was running numbers in her head, and her complex arithmetic was stretched to the max because that was all it was... arithmetic. Still, she began to build a simple idea that was getting increasingly more complex as she thought about it. She crossed her arms and her 'thinking look' that looked more like a pouting child fell across her face. Her eyebrow furrowed as she looked things over in her thoughts.

"Numbers... I think you're running off numbers, my friend. Visit the lower city warehouses, break open a few storage trunks that are large enough to stuff bodies into, and you'll see what I mean when I say crime is on the rise. The market... is really just a regular market with all its little thieves and nonsensical pickpockets, but I'm certain your police force can handle this crime lord you mentioned." She smiled slyly. "I, for one, think that one cannot run from the law forever."

Ellara stood and paced, incapable of sitting still when her brain was working this fast. She was certain that before the convoys could be deployed without a good armed escort again, the source of the attacks would have to be discovered. She scratched her neck, wondering if she could maybe become a part of one going to one of the closer cities. Somehow, she just wasn't sure she would be allowed to do that. There are ways around that.

She then remembered the comment, "Miss."

"My name is Ellara, and if you think you'd like to be on closer terms with me than just business, you can call me Laura. I'd ask for your name, but you're a Triumvir, so I already know it." She chuckled and returned to her trance-like state of thinking.

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Owen Law

Well, as you wish Mis- excuse me.. Laura. You don't have all the time in the world here though, I never planned on a violent attack to stop it in it's tracks, but was asking for what to do before if it came to it. We'll make sure that it's stopped, but do what you can first. We'll do what we can to keep it from entering the borders and gaining more of an uprising and find out what is happening in the north. Hopefully.. nothing too out of hand..

Standing up, his attention once again fell upon Robby, still quiet which was starting to drive his curiosity. He held his stoic front though, letting his emotion die within him as he put forth with the new ideas for the nation.

I don't believe I've ever heard you at a loss for words or this silent in our entire time together. Make sure the legion is equipped for the trek and I'll make sure that it's divided to suit the exploratory mission more and help out the forces here. Don't think you can go out with them though, you get to stay within these walls along along with I and your girlfriend over there. Help her out wherever you can and I'll make sure that our police forces are set and have everything they will need to make sure that our streets begin to clean up.

Walking to the far end of the room, he stared out the window, from floor to ceiling that went along the wall, the city below them bustling as it always did during the day. He knew this would be the beginning of something big, and he hoped that it would finally push the class system into fairer terms. His mind continued to wander, going through the underworld which he knew lay deep underneath the stones of the city, something he knew far too much about and how it had run for years.

Unless there are any more reports, begin with your work. Robby- you and Ellara get together so you can show her what needs to be done with organizing and her number crunching, she seems pretty lost in thought with it already.

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Robby continued to sit and think about what was going on. It was obvious that they had a serious problem with crime in the city, it needed to be taken care of and the problem had to be eliminated. Killing this crime boss if they could catch him sounded like the best course of action, make it a public execution for all to see. That might dissuade others from joining up with some of the neighborhood ruffians. As for the problems in the north.. it seemed to Robby that Owen's idea would be a great solution. Send parts of the Raisean Legion to protect the convoys heading up in that direction. Not only would it protect valuable goods and money but it would also give them a bit of insight on who these attackers were. Especially since the Raisean Legion had some of the best soldiers in the Celisian army, there chances of survival were definitely increased from normal guards. Increasing the police force in Novus was also a great idea, using parts of the Legion would do quite nicely.

"Well I suppose that since you are one of our most brilliant minds when it comes to war, that it would be wise to listen to your advice when it comes to military matters Owen. Increasing the police force is a wise idea, and it wouldn't be too much trouble leaving a Cohort or two from Rais behind to man this job. Although their experience with enforcing the law is nil I'm sure they will be able to pick it up rather quickly. As for the problems up north my only regret is that I will not be able to ride with my men. It would be wise for me to remain behind and help Ellara like you were saying, and perhaps while my men are away I will make an effort to make more public appearances."

Robert walked over to the wall again and continued to study the man. He had known Owen for awhile and had done some studying on Ellara and realized that they both came from these northern towns. It wouldn't do for rebellion to come and for them to secede away from the Triumvirate government. It wouldn't be that difficult for them to get rid of him and put a puppet in his stead. Robby needed to make sure that if the worst happened that they would be willing to stick it through and do what was needed to be done. Turning around he raised a questioning eyebrow and looked from Ellara to Owen.

"I know that both of you come from areas in the north. I realize that you might have family and friends in that area, but if worst comes to worst.. I need to be willing to count on you to do what needs to be done. If rebellion does occur I need to be able to rely on you to stick with the government and the rest of the Celisian people. To keep our nation unified so that we can defend ourselves against foreign threats. Just remember where you loyalties should lie, to the people of this kingdom. Not just a small portion of them."

He sighed and sat back down taking a swig off of some strange refreshment a servant had brought in. If he didn't get the feeling that these two other people in the room were 100% behind keeping the nation as a whole, under the Triumvirate government.. The likelihood of him not stressing about it was slim. The country didn't need a split in leadership as well as in the populace. If the worst happened they would have to help in the killing and capturing of their own countrymen. And although Robert had no wish to do so, he had the ability to see about the end of such an uprising.


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Ellara stood and replaced her crouching on the floor with a much more comfortable table corner. Crossing her arms, she pretended to be still thinking, although Owen's "girlfriend" comment didn't slip past her. Very cute. She calmed herself and nodded, agreeing with the rest of his statements. She understood his view, although how she could arrange the caravans any better than they already were, especially with the improvement of the security, was escaping her. Still, she'd have to come up with something, so that would be what she would do... given due time.

"Yes, I'd appreciate the help, if you don't mind, Robert."

Halfway smiling, she then looked over at Robert, who began to speak. She nodded along until suddenly he brought up her heritage. Woah, hold on a second... Her skin crawled. Abandon my country for my home? No, it's not even my home! That place, those people, they're dead to me... How could I even... No, I'll just tell them, both of them, straightforward and honestly.

Taking a breath, she spoke quietly. "Your concern is... legitimate, but then it really isn't. You see, I left that place on my choice. It was my anger, my outrage at the town I grew up in that drove me away. The only person I know is still there is my mother, and for all I know, she could be dead, burned like a witch. She and the rest of the people in that town are no more my friends than any stranger walking down the street. I will judge them fairly if I must, but I do not look upon them with love in my eyes. Understand that, Robert, please, because otherwise I will have to beat it into you and your face might not appreciate that."

Her attempt to lighten the grave mood was probably failed, but she laughed all the same. It made her feel more comfortable, even if she was the only one laughing.

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As he walked down the corridor, Hannibal heard muffled voices coming from the main meeting room and decided to follow them. He decided to hasten his pace, and quickly arrived at his office, surprising his page who happened to be taking a nap.

Hamilcar! I am going to go to the meeting room and see if I can be of aid. Make sure to fill out the reacquisition forms for The Scipion League's new axes, and order those horse-shoes for The Plutarchian League, alright? Good.

Hannibal quickly walked out of the office and headed towards the meeting room, leaving his puzzled page behind. I hope that I will be in time to help the Triumvirs, I would hate to burst in without anything to show for it. As he got closer, he started to be able to hear some of the conversation, and gathered enough to learn that they were discussing the peasant 'dissatisfaction'. As he rounded the corner of the corridor, he saw the chamber's door and began to slow his pace in order to approach in a more 'becoming' manner.

He reached the door and knocked lightly, which for him meant that it created just a little less noise then a normal person knocking at full volume. Hmm... that was a bit louder then I intended, ah well. Nothing to be done about it now... He opened the door just enough to be able to lower his head into the door frame, so it could be seen from the inside, and announced himself.

Sirs and ma'am, Mirael Delacroix reporting. I heard you discussing the state of things, and I wanted to know if I may be of assistance in any way. I assure you that me and my men would be more then willing and able to follow your orders in any capacity it requires.

When he finished his introduction and assurances, Hannibal straightened his posture, with his face against the masonry, and awaited his orders from the Triumvirs.

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Footsteps beat down the hall in a hurry, waking Ellara from her pensive coma. There was a loud voice and then two sets of footsteps were heard. She blinked. One of them was getting closer, the other, more hurried set scrambling away. The heavy steps stopped outside the door, and a loud knock rattled on the door. An insanely huge man poked his head in and politely asked for audience. He was rather intimidating, although she wasn't particularly frightened.

Ellara glanced around as Owen and Robert talked. Perhaps they had not noticed the man at the door. She didn't know him, but he looked sincere enough. She did a quick analysis and realized that he, like the rest of the people in the room, was also armed, and made no attempt to hide it. The secretary would have taken his things if he didn't have the authority to keep them, so he was an important person. Coming to this conclusion, she lifted her eyes and made eye contact with him. Giving him a sly smile, she addressed him.

"Well, it isn't really my party, but I think that whoever it is that's running this show would welcome your presence and opinions..." She turned her head and looked at the other two men. "I should think so, anyway."

When he entered, she had to stop herself from staring. He was probably the tallest, most massive man she'd ever seen. He was easily 6'3", and his muscles were almost frighteningly large. To her, he looked ready for battle, but he probably would have looked ready for battle in a lady's skirt. She thought she might choke on the masculinity that had just entered her presence. He could probably put his hand around my waist with room to spare, if he so wished. But then again, he might be able to snap me in two! She wondered if he were thinking her incredibly small, or just regularly small. The idea made her smile, and she turned and caught his eye to let him know that she wasn't going to be hostile with him.


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As he heard Ellara's voice, Hannibal peeked in again too look at who had spoken, taking note of the silence of the other two occupants of the room. Well, I don't recognize her, but then again, she IS in a private meeting with the leaders of our whole country, so she probably outranks me. Skinny little thing though, somebody needs to feed her more. Finished with his musings, Hannibal ducked into the room and took a seat with a rather loud crash after promptly saluting the gathered company.

Thank you ma'am, although I did not catch your name. I am Kain "Hannibal" Delacroix, Mirael in the service of the Celisian armed forces, and leader of the 'New Legions'. I only caught the fragments of discussion, though, so I must leave it up to the discretion of my superiors as to there being anyway that I could be of service.

As he talked, Hannibal settled himself into the chair, turning his head so that his skull didn't hit the roof. I really should start bringing a shorter chair with me, it'd make this a lot easier. As he sat there thinking and waiting, the chair began to creak and groan under him.

Oh crap. This isn't going to end well. The chair suddenly shattered under his immense weight sending him crashing to the floor, mildly damaging said floor, and leaving Hannibal sprawled out on the ground.

My apologies sir's and ma'am, I overestimated the integrity of the furniture. I hope that my sitting on the floor can be permitted, given the circumstances.

As he spoke, Hannibal slowly sat up and crossed his legs, awaiting an answer to his previous question.

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Ellara had started to respond when the chair began to protest the man's weight. She blinked, and when her eyes were open again, he was on the floor, wood and pieces flying into various areas of the room. She had to lean to her right to avoid a piece of flying wood, which glided into the wall and then dropped, defeated. Crossing into the area beside him, she knelt and began to pick up the pieces of the chair, laughing. He had barely said anything and she already liked him.

"My name is Ellara, and I am the representative of the lower city peoples." She looked at him, then pulled a large splinter out of his cheek. "Sorry... Are you alright?"

As she dropped the bits of chair onto the table, she examined the floor, which now was imprinted with the shape of his back and rear. She snickered, then stood and brushed the dust off the knees of her pants.

"Will you be staying down there?"

Ellara had to wonder if things like that happened often around him. If so, he would be a pretty interesting person to spend time with. She could imagine some of the issues he might have. Holy goodness, what kind of horse would HE ride?! No, he wouldn't even ride a horse... He'd have to ride a... an elephant, or something! Very thoroughly amused by this idea, and then the mental image that went with it, she leaned against the table. She remembered they'd soon be talking politics again and she sighed inwardly. Well, get used to it. You signed yourself up for it. Frowning a little, she looked back at Robert and Owen.


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Owen Law

Hearing the arrival of another, it was easy to tell who it was. His footsteps were enough to alert the entire city of his arrival, one of the few men that were bigger than himself, Hannibal. That half Novustrian really worked for him. As his eyes ran over a map that hung from the wall, he thought to himself for a moment before looking at Robby, trying to see what he meant by the "Northern Alliance" talk. Owen had no family himself, left alone in the city of Novus so this claim quickly fell on his deaf ears, although Ellara's defense could raise attentions. The city's a big change. Ignoring the squeaks and cries from the chair, the crashing sound of Hannibal finally drew his attention, pulling him out of his silence.

Hello Hannibal, good to see ya around I guess, although your entrance could use a little work.

Owen wondered how much he could have heard, they weren't exactly be subtle with their talking or anything, guess that's what guards were for. Security aside, he sat down at the table, putting his head in his hands as he leaned onto the table thinking to himself once again, a habit he needed to stop one of these days. Himself and Robby were to be stationed in Novus at least for a short while, keeping the mob's spirits up were the priority for them, and as long as they could do that, then this small dispute up north would never snowball into anything.

Alright, well since you're so eager to do your duties, I'll give you a small job to do. You have your New Legions, yes? Well divide them up, keep your main army where it is stationed and take your small division with you and ride north. I want observations of how these small towns take to the arrival of your soldiers, although you're not to spend nights inside of them. Anything seems out of place, let us know by messenger and we will move forward. If things escalate while we're still stationed here in the capital, you will take over as field general of the armies to contain; though chain of command will stay in effect.

Rubbing at his eyes, he tried to think if he could set the Mirael with any other tasks while he was working outside the walls.

That's all I can think of now, although the Raisean will have scouts moving up north, if you could let your men know so we have no incidents between armies. There's enough of a rivalry as it is, we don't need a full scale battle between our own military.

Raising his gaze to Kain's, his grey eyes dimmed as his expression hardened. He knew this man was a capable leader, but communication would have to be running at an incredible rate to keep from any problems arising. One military operation in an area was easy enough, but when two run in the same area, especially at night, problems were always waiting to happen.

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Hannibal stood, saluting Owen, and then walking over to the map on the wall

Sir, before I assemble my men, I must ask for approval on several matters. I would like to take 250 men of The Plutarchian Legion as my contingent, and set up another 10 as various points behind me on the trail to act as temporary messenger posts for quicker message transmissions. I would also like to take someone, preferably noble, at least semi-familiar with the area, who can provide a face for the group that the citizens won't find perturbing. This would allow the soldiers and I to be passed off as an escort, and not a 'water-testing' group

As he talked, Hannibal pointed to several points where he wished to put the 10 messengers. He then circled an area on the map that encompassed the main part of the cities and towns near the capital.

This is the area where the "guide's", for lack of a better word, knowledge would help most. I was born in the area just a small distance from our outermost border, and still remember the majority of the region's topography and social situation, though it has been quite a few years

After he finished speaking, Hannibal relaxed his posture slightly, and turned to Ellara

Thank you for your help after my 'accident'. Please don't worry yourself further, I am a rather hardy fellow.

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Owen Law

Giving a small nod of his head to the salute, he watched as he began drawing his plans across the map. Most of it was basics with messengers and the noble idea wasn't bad, though there's no way he could pass when it came to the townspeople.

You might want to rethink making a personal appearance with whatever noble you escort, you're not exactly someone who blends into a crowd. Your noble can be found though, a couple ranking officers might have properties out there so you can have that.

Glancing at the drawings that now adorned the map, he leaned back, observing the large area that would "require" guides for this man. It wouldn't be too hard, most soldiers knew the area from training and marches, it wasn't exactly a fun time in the military but the workout paid off when they had to move into action.

You should talk to your men about the area, you'd be surprised what they would know about the area. Don't undermine yourself though, you'd be surprised what you can still remember about the area. Climate is a little different so it really hasn't developed or had a huge population movement since we came around. You have discretion, Hannibal, use it how you see fit. Just remember that this is going to be a smaller operation in the beginning.

Offering a small smile, he nodded his head once more as he set his head back in his hands.

Everything looks good though. You've put thought into this, good work.

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Hannibal stood at attention and listened carefully as Owen spoke. He then clapped once, rather loudly, and called for his page. After a moment, footsteps were heard and Hamilcar stuck his head into the room and looked around for a moment before addressing Hannibal.

You called sir?

Yes Hamilcar. I need you to gather 250 of the finest men from The Plutarchian Legion. 100 Swordsmen, 100 Crossbow-men, and 50 Lancers. Tell them to get their gear ready, eat hardy, get a good nights sleep, and meet me in the main courtyard at 06:00 tomorrow morning as a noble escort. In my absence you are to take provisional command of all four legions and keep the 'Fifth' in ready, as well as increase guard patrols. Dismissed

As Hannibal talked, Hamilcar mentally took note of all the orders, and then quickly departed to accomplish the tasks.

Hannibal then turned back to the map, and studied it for a moment. He then started to trace a route with his finger and then stood back and looked at it again before turning to Owen and shaking his head.

With all due respect sir, with an area this large, I would be uncomfortable not riding with the noble, but if I were to do so I would be seen as we entered town, and then keeping low would have no effect. I could also fall back as we approached, but then I fear an ambush would render me unable to reach them in time. Therefore I must insist that the noble be a fairly high-ranking one, so that my presence at their side could be justified. I would also think it prudent to actually have a noble accompany us who is not just a figure, but actually would like to help these people, because since we will already be in the areas of interest, it would prove more efficient to use that time to gather information and attempt to bridge some political gaps. Excuse me if I am over-reaching my station, as I do not know exactly her rank, but I think that Ms. Ellara here would be a good choice. As a representative of the lower city, she would obviously know the people, she would be a good face to put on the mission to raise public opinion, and as she is in a private meeting with the two highest-ranking members of government, her position is obviously one that would warrant an escort as extravagant as would be provided.

As he spoke, Hannibal looked Owen in the eyes in a non-threatening way, attempting to let the logic of his words get further then the impact of his size. After he finished, he resumed attention and waited for a response from either Owen, or Ellara herself, as to whether or not she even WANTED to go. Hmm... Probably should have asked her first, but I've always been a bit more for action 'in the field' and a meeting with your superiors CLEARLY counts as a field of battle.

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Robby listened intently on all that was being said around him, and realized the wisdom of most of it. Having more than one operation would both increase their chances of success, and for mistakes in the field. He also figured that if something incredibly bad happened that it wouldn't look well on the government. So the parts of the Raisean Legion and Hannibal's Legions would do well, since they were both considered the elite in Celis. Although it was always in debate what Legion was the best.

"I like the idea for messenger posts but I also suggest that you make two lines of them. Spaced a good distance apart and at different intervals. This would decrease the chances of one of them being discovered and giving our line of command over to an unknown. I also suggest you make some sort of secret line or word you use in a certain place on each message, so it will be easier to verify who the message was actually from."

Robert shrugged and smiled unsure of the wisdom in what he had said. He didn't know all that much about spying, espionage, and keeping information out of enemy hands. Although he also had enough common sense and knowledge on the matter to give his advice, I mean it could always be denied but if it was accepted it might help in the successfulness of the mission at hand. Listening to Hannibal make his suggestions he shook his head in thought.

"Ellara and I were going to work on the logistics of the supply lines and the like. I was also under the impression that now she is a Triumvir that she might want to make a few public speeches in the city before she does anything else. It would be wise to make the public more aware of her, even though she already knows most of the lower city. I was thinking that it would help her public image and the way people looked at her even more."

Robert shrugged and continued to sit.


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Ellara looked around. The conversation was dull to her. Everyone had their objectives, and now it was time to iron out the nit-picky details that were so frustrating. At first, she had spoken out, but now she wasn't all sure of what was happening. She was supposed to be arranging the supply line to the north, but it was constantly under attack from an unknown enemy. To her, this rendered her job unavailable until the situation was resolved. Then, two legions were being broken off to investigate the attacks. No, not one, two. This seemed a little inappropriate to Ellara, but she also had no idea what the attackers were like, or what the caravans' previous security had been. Not only that, but now she was confused about whether or not Robert and Owen were staying in the city, and further, what Hannibal's role was. The corners of her mouth twitched downward as she considered how lost she was. This is why you don't run the military...

Just loud enough that the other three could hear, she asked, "I know this must seem pretty daft of me, but I'm confused as to what the two legions will be doing differently... Is the Raisean legion going to actually investigate the attacks and Hannibal's legion act as an escort? If so, why so much secrecy about their security? There'd be no point in hiding their presence, since it's pretty difficult to miss a security escort. They always tend to stand out and make people wonder. In fact, I really think that trying to be discreet would be against your causes. I may be being completely silly and negative, but if someone figured out what was going on, you'd be sending one of two messages, depending on who got the information: If your enemies received the information, it might look to them as though you're afraid of them, and acknowledging that their power is a threat to you, egging them on further. Also, if a commoner found it, the people would think the government more limited. I don't mean to be the pessimist here, I just would like the situation observed from every possible angle."

Taking a breath, Ellara looked at the men's faces, trying to decide whether or not they were going to view her opinion as relevant. One thing she had to admit was that these were military men, and that was a barrier in any future communications of ideas that she might have. As a representative of the people, she wouldn't want the possibilities of how they might react overlooked, but she also understood that sometimes the people and their opinions had to be excluded when dealing with military matters, simply because it was more complex than what they could fully comprehend. Some decisions needed to be made outside of emotion, and finding the perfect place between sentiment and battle was the real trick in the whole thing. Awesome work. Now you've got to figure out when they want you to shut the hell up too!

She then remembered another point. "And yes, Robert, I agree with you. I should probably stay in the city for now, since most of the upper city doesn't know I exist. However, I would like to eventually oversee the progress of one of the supply lines. That being said, it doesn't have to be any time particularly soon."

Ellara sighed, hoping she hadn't made anyone angry or feel like she was questioning authority.


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As both Robby and Ellara spoke, Hannibal took note of the important parts and made several mental notes. Wait, she's a Triumvir. Oh shit, I just overstepped my station. Crap. Hannibal turned to Robby and then points at the map, tracing two lines, and then looking back.

That is a smart idea sir, and makes sense. I will get the crossbowmen who will serve as he messengers to partner up and then split up after a certain point.

He then turned towards Ellara and bows deeply before raising to a leaning position, and reaching out a hand at her shoulder-height for a handshake.

I apologize ma'am. I overstepped my station when I nominated you as a candidate. I did not then know your rank and I beg your forgiveness.

After shaking hands, Hannibal rose and then reviewed his mental notes.

As for your questions, I do not claim to know what The Raisean Legion will be doing in the area, I just know my orders and intend to carry them out. As for my ruse, while it is a bit of a risk if it gets out, I will trust the men who Hamilcar will gather, as he is a fine judge of character and will not let in any spies. And the ruse is necessary because if the citizens, already somewhat incensed, do not see a gain for them from such a large military contingent visiting the town, they will most likely react in a rather unappealing way. Therefore having a noble attempting to aid them along will not only provide cover, but aid connections, as they will see us as a brave group venturing out despite bandit attacks to see to the well-being of the nation.

Hannibal then reviewed his mental list one more time and then turned to each of the Triumvirs in turn.

Well then, if there is nothing more needed from me, I shall depart to prepare myself for the ride. I hope to see you all at the set-off celebration in the morn.

He then stood saluting and awaited permission to leave.

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Owen Law

A grin appeared across his lips as he listened to them speak, it didn't last long as it was quickly hidden into his stoic face, but his mood was certainly brought up a notch. His mind took off, piecing together the possibilities that could easily take place with these problems that could arise. Standing up, he leaned back, trying to gain back his posture from the former-slump of which he had just been. His expression turned to his usual face, but his eyes became fierce, almost glowing.

Hannibal, you will remain outside the towns, I'd say pick the men yourself.. but if you trust this.. Hamilcar.. then so be it. I'm not saying to run off and camp with your entire legion, but just stay out of the eyes of the people. No reason one of our most powerful generals would EVER have to follow and escort one, single noble. I never said take your entire damned army into the town, you chose the number. I don't necessarily want them to know how many troops will be around, which entails, your order to stay from their sight. Let your troops, or even the noble make the report in secret.

Turning to look at the map, he quickly ran across the lines of communication, finding the weaker points within and making a quick note of the populations nearby.

With the Raisean running outside of any of these lines, they will be virtually invisible. Only Robby and myself will know their exact locations, but you shouldn't have any problems with where you will be. Just make sure that you send the messages across both lines, if something should happen, we need to have an idea of what you were trying to tell us.

Tilting his head, his neck made a small pop, as he glanced at Robby, then to Ellara.

Laura, the Raisean aren't running the escort, they won't be around it at all. Think of it more as tracking, these troops will stay out of the sight of the caravan, and if something happens, they can move up and take the fight or track it back to where it's being taken or held. Hannibal on the otherhand is using a small contingent of his own legions, and making observations, and I guess you could say a slight show of force. His whispers to us are just as important as the operation moving outside of our borders in the Raisean.

Also, you mentioned what-if's against our communications to the capital. Well, I must say, if it happens, we'll know. Time between these two lines runs about the same, distances and everything are almost at a constant. We get one message and not another, we can trace it. The enemy thinks we are scared and frightened, they grow bolder and move closer to us, why the Raisean is out there. Or say that perhaps, a lone villager hears of it, tells his people and they see us as limited. We have our military and Hannibal himself out there and if it comes to it, we can always send an envoy and maybe even yourself.

Turning back to Hannibal, he met the mans gaze with his own. Almost as big as him and not even Novustrian, heh.

Go or stay, it's up to you. We'll see you off in the morning.

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Robert nodded as Owen spoke agreeing with him. He continued siting down and thinking about the things it would take to send the caravans. It was obvious they would need food, wagons, livestock, supplies. Most of this would be provided by the various merchants and business men that followed the caravans. Although some of it was to provide the populace with a gift from the government for their hard earned taxes. It would be smart to conceal some of the soldiers in the caravan as normal merchants and travelers. That way they could have more soldiers protecting the supply lines then the enemies would think, giving them a distinct advantage if a battle were to break out. After careful thinking Robert decided to discuss this with Hannibal and see what Owen and Ellara had to say about it. Standing up he moved over to the map were he could be seen more easily by the people in the room.

"I think it would be wise to send even more soldiers along with the main body protecting the caravan."

Lifting a hand he tried to snuff any protests before they happened.

"I know what you're thinking, why send even more troops and risk alarming the populace? Well they won't be right in the open. They will be concealed within the caravan itself, disguised as various merchants and travelers. This would give us an advantage if the caravan came under attack. Not only because these troops would be there immediately unlike the Raisean detachments, but because the enemy would have made a severe miscalculation that would give the caravan a huge chance of survival. If these marauders and bandits think there is a smaller group of soldiers than there really is, it would give us a chance to kill a large portion of them off."

Robert nodded to Hannibal.

"Of course I think these under cover troops should be Raisean Legionnaires. I've been training them to be more covert with civilian situations. They might not be the sneakiest or the best spies but that can only be expected. What they do have is training with dealing with matters of subterfuge. If you have any problems with this idea let them be known now."

Robby looked to each of the Triumvirs in turn and then on to Hannibal, wondering if Hannibal would prefer his own men on the job.


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