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Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI]

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26 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Sun Aug 08, 2010 4:16 pm


Ellara moved and leaned against the window, looking out at a group of soldiers in the distant practice fields. Her mind was racing. Hannibal seems like a decent guy, and I doubt he'll object to what he's being told. However, I can't really judge his character because I don't know him very well. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, slowly reopening them. Owen... I think he's a very wise military leader. I don't think he's good at much else, though... I'm confident you could tell him to defeat a force ten times the size of his and he'd annihilate the enemy, but if he had to make someone love him to save his skin, he probably couldn't do it. That may be a serious issue, especially since he's a Triumvir, insisting to go around fighting in battles. I can't argue, it probably raises the soldiers' morale to know that their leader is beside them, but it's also dangerous. I can't imagine what would happen if he were captured. No doubt he'd never talk, but if he died, our country would fall into a mess. I hope he realizes how important he is... Not that I can talk. She shivered thinking about what might happen to Owen, or any of them... Robert... He seems, perhaps... different. He has his own agenda, I can tell, but I can only wonder how effective he will be in seeing it through, and whether or not it will be what's right for this country. She frowned. Mostly, I just hope he's not as military as these others. I don't think he is, but I do think that the drills and training have drilled militia into his brain. What a cruel fate... Taking a deep breath, she turned and forced a smile on her face.

"I think your plan is a good idea, Robert. And Hannibal, sit back down, silly. We aren't going to bite." She chuckled and shook her head. "Forgive me, but I think any preparations you must make can wait until we've finished with the details of our plan. Your input is very important, and I feel that these two are not done with you." She nodded to Robert and Owen.

Facing the window again, she stared with blank eyes into nothingness, her face devoid of emotion. I wonder how long it will be before I can honestly agree with these people... I hope I won't have to keep forcing myself into it. If I can't get along with them now, new and fresh in my job, how am I supposed to agree with them later if tensions have built up? She shook her head. No, I've got to find a way, somehow...


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Owen Law

Glancing over to Ellara, he gave a small shrug of his shoulders. He really didn't have anything else to discuss with Hannibal. He had his orders and it sounded like any misunderstandings they had were taken care of. Listening to Robby, he turned his attention back to the caravan that would be sent back up north, hopefully reaching it's destination for the first time in a long while. It would be nice to set some stability up there, but who really knew what would happen, let alone if they got the caravan fully stocked with soldiers. Would seem a little weird, he figured, but if it meant that these supplies would help ease the talks of rebellion anywhere in this damned country, it was worth it. Offering a small nod to Robby, he turned his attentions to the map.

It sounds good, Robby. Use one of your cohorts to do a little bit of stealth work and hopefully, they will blend in enough to act as merchants and workers. Just remember, this is beyond the front lines, almost searching for it if they do come back under attack, which as they've been going, is guaranteed. Make the call on who to send with it and how to divide it up, no reason to cut their numbers either, this will be a convoy bigger than any other we've sent up there. Soldiers will probably be thought of as guards anyway, something the people are already used to.

Scratching the back of his head, he took a breath, glancing between all three of the others in the room.

Well, do we have any other news or are we going to enjoy the nice confines of this room all day?

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Hannibal stood and listened to the Triumvirs for a time, before deciding to make his exit. He then turned to Robby and tried to explain why he wanted to keep his hands clean of the other operation.

Sir, I should like to keep my men on one task with me. In reality, I would rather not even know much about the other operation in the area, in the unlikely event I am captured, I don't want to give too much away.

Hannibal then turned to Ellara and Owen in turn and bowed to each before walking out of the room. As he walked, Hannibal mused about each of the Triumvirs. Hmmph. Owen is a good military leader, but too singularly-focused. He can't see past his little cultivated plans, and won't consider any options that don't fit with his plan. Robert is a good politician, but that's it. He tries not to anger either side of a debate, while simultaneously arguing both. Rather confusing, that. Ellara... Hmm... That one shows promise. She doesn't seem to have been absorbed into either side of that damned duty, but she also seems to be drowning a bit. Here's hoping she learns to swim without having to reach for either side.

Lost in his musing, Hannibals doesn't notice as he knocks over 3 servants, a serving tray, 2 candles, a chandelier, and the lovely elderly couple from down the hall. He realized at the last second, and stoped to help up the elderly people before continuing to his room and undressing for the night. Well one good thing about this trip is that I may actually get a chance to see Karli again. Hope she hasn't changed too much... hmm...

Hannibal then fell asleep, his train of thought lost to his unconscious.

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Robert nodded to Owen a slight smile spreading across his face. He had just the Cohort in mind and planned to implement them into the Caravan as soon as possible. He motioned for someone standing by the door to come to him, it was obviously his page and the younger man nodded to Robert.

"I need you to purchase fifty wagons and outfit them with horses and the like. I want you to have the Angel Cohort to take the wagons into the Raisean camp to be prepared to leave the city. Get the Wolf Cohorts Knight Commander Eames Croft up here immediately. Tell him that he has a mission to commit himself to. Also tell the rest of the Raisean Legion to be up at 5:00 tomorrow morning and ready to be addressed. While your out in the city select five book makers and tell them to write out pamphlets asking for merchants and business men interested in traveling around the northern part of the country. Can you do this?"

The younger man nodded. And quickly exited the room, obviously he had a touch of work to do. Turning back around to Ellara with a smile on his face he spoke rather happily.

"I have the basics set into motion but we should probably discuss the specifics of this caravan after this meeting. Would you like to join me for dinner at the Citadel? And we could talk it over there? I have a cozy book room where we could talk about plans for the trip."

Turning back to Owen he raised an eyebrow as the large giant of a man left the room. Robert had wondered if it was so wise giving the man control over so many men. To him it seemed a bit as if the man needed to gain more control over himself, it wouldn't do for him to get in a rage during a battle and have it fumbled. His anger could not only prove disastrous for himself but also for his men. His thoughts also turned back to Ellara.. she happened to be a nice enough girl but she thought too much of the people. Yes part of the governments job was to make the people happy, but it was also to give the people drive, to protect the people, and to do what was best for the peoples interests as a whole. That was part of the reason he and Owen had ended up making her a Triumvir. She helped balance out the trio but while she would call Owen somewhat of a radical when it came to war, she was also a radical when it came to peace. One of the things Robby liked about her was that she had drive to help people, that was a trait that any government official should have. Smiling to himself he also took into account that she was a beautiful woman, although most of the time she didn't seem to realize it. Humility was her strong suit. He came out of the thoughts he was obviously stuck in and back to Owen.

"What do you think of Hannibal, Owen? He seems to be like an alright fellow.. A bit moody if a say so myself.. perhaps a bit too much? What do you think the people will have to say about a half Novustrian field commander? These things we have to consider. Not too many people like Novustrals if you get my point. Of course if he really is as good as they say.."

Sitting back down he grabbed a pen and paper ands started writing up lists of equipment that would be needed on the caravans trip. Looking back up he wondered what else really needed to be discussed.

"So where are you going Owen? And is there anything else we need to talk about? Perhaps we should set a meeting for a later date? How about tomorrow after Ellara and I have started getting everything ready for the caravan?"

He waited patiently for a reply.


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Ellara rubbed her chin and turned to face Robert. Oh, you sly little... Frowning, she nodded. I should hope that's not his intention. Closing her eyes, she listened to him speak, and then opened them, her face smooth but her eyes dark and passionate. "Injustice is a crime that I won't tolerate. If the people want to talk rudely, that's one thing, but we need our allies now more than ever." Facing Robert, she continued, "His ancestors do not make his mind, only his body. I believe he will be a good commander... And the people can just get over it. They've not enough voice now to choose who commands their military, anyway. When peace reigns over this land, then they can protest and create their little wars as they see fit. I'll see to it that nothing is done against him if I must." Her eyes were cold as she said this.

Moving on to a new topic, she smiled internally, then addressed Owen. "I hope your ventures are successful, my friend. Please take care..." She curtsied, which was mildly strange because she wasn't wearing a skirt, then nodded to Robert. "You know where I stay... Feel free to stop by to get me whenever you're ready." Offering him a curtsy as well, she smiled charmingly. "Thank you, gentlemen. I'll see you tomorrow morn, Owen, and you this evening, Robert."

She exited the room, done with what she'd needed to say. Normally, she would have asked Robert what time to meet him, but she had promised herself she would finish a few lessons in her scrolls by the end of the evening, so she needed to do it now. She followed the hall and passed a few servants along the way who were scrambling to pick up dropped food. After taking the time to help them and ruin her shirt, she left the Citadel, returning to her apartment and removing the shirt. Sitting down at the desk, Ellara continued the lesson she'd been working on, and after she'd finished, she pulled on a dress shirt. Hating dresses, she wasn't going to put one on just for a business meeting, but she didn't want to seem completely rude either and just undermine his authority, either. She took her hair down and sighed. Given my druthers, I think I'd rather just sit here with my arithmetic and writing scrolls. But that wasn't really an option...

Taking her seat back, Ellara continued her lessons, waiting for Robert and sifting through the pages of a dictionary.


31 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:04 pm

Owen Law

Raising a brow as the Novustrian-hybrid left, Owen shook his head. Sure he could hold his own in any dispute, but his emotions needed to be in check to keep his men following him. He knew he shouldn't discriminate, though it was hard considering he'd been fighting them for almost as long as he'd been alive. Bad habits die hard.. Turning back to the rest, he nodded to Robby, understanding the point he was holding about Hannibal, and as Ellara lectured him about his "heart, his Celisian heart" it fell over more deaf ears. Since the country had existed, the novustrians were their most brutal and savage enemies, she'd obviously never had to deal with them in combat, she might think differently.

Returning to the plan they had been going over, he thought about the man that Robby had just asked to be sent up. More of a loose cannon that most, he was capable, though he had a past of carelessness and questionable methods.

You say he's the perfect man, Robby? I guess I'll go with you on this one, you'd know him better than myself. Last time I saw him was quite a long time ago.. his rescue if I recall correctly.

Hearing Ellara, he nodded, offering a kind bow in return to her... odd curtsy.

Alright Laura, have a good night and I'll see you in the morning.

Watching Robby as she left, he grinned, glancing at the door as he heard her footsteps quickly getting softer.

Well someone certainly has his mind multitasking. Seeing her tonight, eh? I'll tell ya what, Eames gets here quick, we'll make sure that you can spend all night with her, or whatever you plan on doing.

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Eames Croft

Eames had been enjoying his time at one of the local bars in the city, nothing more than a relaxing place, filled with the townspeople of Novus. Sitting, surrounded by a small group of his men, he drank the night away; he planned to at least, til one of the government dogs decided to come fetch him. Urgent, he said.. Robert specifically asked for him. Well of course, he was the best after all, and no one could ever have proven him wrong on this. Maybe he's finally offering me a promotion, it's about time I gained control of the Raisean, besides, these men could always use a nice raise. His mind ran wild, just as he did.

Stepping up the Citadel stairs, he had gone home and changed into his military gear, figuring it would be a little more presentable than the custom fitted suit that he had been wearing earlier in the night, even though it showed no markings of allegiance or even a hint of his rank or outfit. If I'd worn that damn suit, they would've just asked to join me in our party, and we can't have that. Powerful bastards think they know everything.. they really need to figure the people out. His name had come up, so where was he going this time, it was always about where he was going to be sent, what suicide mission he was going to change into a great victory for all of Celis to take pride in. Hell, most of these people had no idea who he even was.

Stepping up to the room he had been informed to enter, the guards stared at him with a puzzled face, one holding his hands out.

Sir, you need to remove all weapons before you step inside this room. These are the halls of the Triumvirs, nothing is to go inside that could bring harm to our leaders.

Smiling at the guards, he gave a small nod of his head. Idiots. These guys must be new. As he leaned forward, he grabbed the guard's hand, pulling him infront of himself as a human shield and twisting his arm til he heard it dislocate, but Eames continued to smile.

Now now, if that was the case, they wouldn't have called me here, you really should figure out I'm the most dangerous man in all Altarra. So I'm going to ask ya'll nicely, please move?

Seeing none of them move, but only step closer, drawing their own weapons, his expression grew more serious, pushing his shield into the nearest guard, both of them tumbling to the ground before running at another, but seeing his sword come up, ended up sliding on his knees beneath the heavy swing. Stepping backwards, next to the door, he gave a small nod of his head to the trio of "guardsmen" and grinned.

Don't even try, you'll never land a hit gents. Oh, and don't try to order me around, especially when I outrank you farther than you'll ever reach.

Turning around, he stepped through the door, kicking it closed behind himself as he glanced between Owen and Robert, his expression darkening as he looked between the two leaders. He had never cared for the administration that had ruled over Celis, although he had never cared for any kind of governmental affair; it was all a waste of time to him.

Alright, you ruined my night out while I'm still in the city. I'm guessing you're finally going to hand your job over to me Robby? I accept it with great confidence we'll be the best and all that.

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Robert nodded and thought over his choice a little more.. Although the man had done a few stupid things his ingenuity was greater than some commanders. His way of looking at things from outside the box and the norm was what Robert was looking for on this mission. The few files Robert had gone over of the man proved a bit disappointing. Although he was a promising commander, and if he could be trained to at least follow the outline of his orders.. then he would make rank at a very quick pace. And would probably soon be giving out orders to his own Legion of troops. If only there was a way to tell him that without actually saying it.. making that obvious would probably invoke the suspicion of others. There were also the reports.. Robert was still perplexed at what exactly was making the attacks on the caravans. He guessed that the people were in an uprising and were taking the goods.. but why would they do that if the goods were already headed their way? What reason would they have? Unless it was a smaller group who was stealing everything from the rest of the people. If so they needed to be found out and punished severely, not only would he try to make an example of them.. but he would also try to be merciful. This was to show the people that the Triumvirs were not just corrupt mean dictators, and that they did what was best for the nation.

"Yes I think that his methods are a tad bit eccentric and that they don't always work out. I also think that the way he goes about following orders is unorthodox. Although you have to understand that what we are doing is not something the military usually undertakes.. and his experience at looking at things from outside the box would be incredibly helpful. I think his ingenuity and though processes in the field might be able to do us more good than harm if we steer him in the right direction. And although while he doesn't take orders very well.. if he can prove himself a worthy commander and learn some humility, I might even suggest we give him a higher position in the military. Perhaps a specialized unit that he could run as he saw fit, this would put him out of the loop of some of the other commanders and let him use his skills and flourish. Although some of this is based on conjecture the things I've read give me hope."

Robert listen to what Owen had to say and his face immediately twisted into a look of outrage and embarrassment. After the last word had left the other Triumvirs lips Robby's face had proceeded to turn a bright color of red. Robert retreated within himself for a moment and wondered if Ellara had taken his request the way Owen had.. He certainly hoped that she hadn't because that would be both embarrassing and incredibly awkward. Although she wasn't an unpleasant woman Robby doubted she would be interested in him. The way they looked at things was a tad different and Robert had the distinct feeling that she thought of him as a sort of pretty boy. His appearance and demeanor certainty didn't point in that direction, but it might be put to question as whether or not he was naive. Just because he liked to do things a certain way some people considered him stuck in his ways. Shrugging Robert shook his head and looked at Owen.

"It wasn't my intention to give that idea about the meeting. It most certainly is not a date. And the most interesting that will probably happen tonight is Ellara and I arguing over the right way to go about doing things in the country. Since she tends to disagree with anything discerning force and using it. Perhaps if she knew half the things we did about our enemies, or had seen some of things we have she would have a better understanding for the way things are. And while I agree with her about winning the people over and making this nation something to be proud for again, these warmongers up north still need to be dealt with accordingly. We can't allow the people to think we are weak, because if certain members of them believe that.. it alone could breed civil war if you take my meaning."

The door suddenly burst open and Eames entered. Immediately from the way the man was standing and the arrogant tone in which he addressed them made Robert dislike him ever so slightly. Honestly Robert though to himself.. this man has the gal to not only disobey orders but to present himself to the leaders of the nation in such a manner. This man should have been taken out and taught a lesson in humility and respect sooner. Robert rose with a slightly angry and irritated expression on his face. The set of his lips drawn into a scowl.

"You honestly have the audacity to enter this room and present yourself in such a disrespectful fashion? Do you not understand that if not for some of the actions made by this government.. that you my friend would probably be either dead or still being tortured? And yet you waltz into this room with such an arrogant sway about you and demand why you have been called upon? I suggest you take a seat right now and rethink your outlook on the way things are. And perhaps.. no certainly why you are at it learn a little respect and common humility."

Turning back to the map he picked up a small piece of chalk and outlined the route that the caravan would be taking. It passed through more than one region, although this was on account of the large nature of the convey. The caravan was probably the largest one that had been sent in many years, and it would probably be a surprise to the people who had been attacking them. Just another thing that would set them off balance and give the Celisians more time to figure out who had been doing this. The only thing Robert hoped for was a peaceful solution to this whole mess. There were already enough problems taking root in the nation and it was a hope of Roberts that they could solve these problems without military conflict. Although at this point it was obviously doubtful that his hope would be realized. The one thing he did wish for was that a civil war would not begin. That would throw the nation into even greater turmoil and weaken them to foriegn threats. color=blue]Motioning to the map he spoke to Eames in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Your mission is to take the Cohort under your command and outfit them as Merchants and common travelers. You will hide your weapons and make sure they are easily accessible. You will then take into your protection a caravan that will be following the route I just marked on the map. Make sure that you are capable of defending the caravan and helping the other soldiers that will also be present. Take into mind that the Caravan will be escorting a noble and more than a few important people. Your job is to also protect them and make sure the caravan gets to every place it needs to go. Since it will probably be making more than one stop. You will listen to the rumors going around as well and make sure to send them back in messages. Is that understood? And do you have any questions?"

Robert glared at the man almost daring him to make another smart ass remark. It wouldn't do well to have himself lose his temper and get the man a few lashings. That would not only win him any kudos in the Legion, but it would also make him an enemy. Perhaps more than one. And going by the fragile relationship he had just started developing with the people, he didn't want to ruin that because of a brief episode of testosterone driven anger. Sighing he started to calm down and counted to ten. This wasn't who he was and Robert wasn't about to make it seem apparent that this was really him at work. Stretching Robert made a brief yawn and walked over and retook his seat. Taking a pull off of the ale that a servant had been so gracious to give to them all. He smiled slightly content and waited for his words to be realized and replied to.


34 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:45 pm

Owen Law

Raising a brow, Owen couldn't believe that Robby could use the name Eames and humility in the same sentence, but he had to give it to him, Eames would probably be the best one for the job. Besides, regardless of if his questionable ideas worked in their favor, it was a winning situation for everyone.. although a specialized unit ran by Croft would probably end up being a bad company, used for the suicide missions that normal units wouldn't be trained for, nor would want to be sent into due to the alert status. Perhaps a win-win situation.

Watching the blush rise across Prowler's face though, he realized his words had caught him, and his smile grew. Well ain't that cute.. He decided to let it go, no use in going any further to embarrass him anymore, besides, there's always another time for that.

As he sat down, he leaned back in his chair, waiting for Eames to arrive, and was surprised by just how quickly he had responded to the message, though his surprise quickly fell to disappointment in seeing his actions. His posture, his language, his tone.. he hadn't changed at all. A little bastard who thought he could do whatever he wanted, even to the Triumvirs themselves. It didn't sit well that this man was to be the one hand chosen by them for such a important and problematic mission, he was a wild man, and without discipline he was going to blow his cover, or even get himself and everyone else killed and blow the entire operation. He'd seen wild "dogs" like this before, they were nothing but trouble.

Well well, I see you haven't changed at all. Even a little torture won't bring out the better man in you? I guess we should have waited a little longer.

His voice was cold, his eyes piercing the man in front of him as he saw Eames take a seat, eyeing them back. He listened to Robby explain the mission, the stakes at hand and he observed Eames' reactions to it all, finding nothing that he was fond of, but this would have to do. There wasn't much more time left to get all of this together. He shook his head a bit, rubbing at his eyes before standing up and leaning forward against the table.

Listen, as a ranking officer in the Raisean, you know the code of our military. If you choose to try and work around it, ignore it or even just attempt to piss us off, we have a lot more authority than you can even contemplate. You have your orders, Mr. Croft, and you're expected to follow them just as your Commanding Officer explained. Any insubordination with this will result in your expulsion from the unit as a whole, and possibly even a few other things.. just let your imagination take it from there. Now if you do decide to be a man and show a sign of humility, you can complete this mission and get the recognition that you deserve.

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Eames Croft

A smug smile played at his lips as he watched the two Triumvirs, enjoying his little game as he could see the visible signs of anger showing across both Robert and Owen. Sitting down as Robert ordered, he leaned back onto the two back feet, kicking his feet up on the table as he crossed his arms across his chest. It was far too amusing to watch these two men cooperate against him, no matter what he said or did, he had been chosen for this mission, and they would do nothing to him until he accepted or denied it. He did, however, hate being called out. His smile quickly dropped from his face as he stared forward at Robby, then to Owen. These men had no idea what he had been through, the scars he still retained from the longest time he could even recall. They had no right to talk about it, regardless the situation.

You know, it’s always easy to talk about such things when one hasn’t been involved in it. You really should watch your tongue when you speak about it, it’s not exactly a light subject regardless of whom may have been the one at the mercy of the enemy. I don’t see how either of you could understand it, but you really should try it one of these days. Might fit you pretty well for a couple weeks, then we’ll see how you feel about it as well, it might just change your perspective on the entire subject.

His mouth grew dry as he narrowed his eyes from Owen then to Robert, all humor lost in the meeting. Leave it to them to just kill a fun joke, now what the hell do you want? As Robert moved to the map, he stared at it, a small snarl breaking from his throat as he watched the trace of the convoy drawn. It wasn’t the plan though; it was more of the men who were giving it. He knew he was chosen from his reputation, one hell of a thing to base their decision on when it came to a mission such as this. He was surprised that the Angel Cohort or perhaps even the Daemon weren’t being chosen for this. Turning his gaze to Owen as the old man stood up, his expression stayed the same as he listened to another lecture of the night, and he had a feeling he wasn’t going to be leaving anytime soon. A small shake of his head is all he gave, even after hearing about the rewards should this mission become a great success, it was still no reason that a suicide mission like this would be given to him. Eames was confident, but having to deal with communication lines, citizens in the midst of it all, and not being seen as soldiers was going to be a difficult ordeal. His men wouldn’t be allowed the usual metal armor, weapons would have to be concealed, and there was so much to plan in such a small amount of time that it was perplexing. No wonder they’re giving this to you, they’re not thinking everything else out themselves..

Standing up, he grabbed one of the papers that had been lying on the table and turned it over. As he took a look at the map, he did a rough sketch of the route and the caravan itself. As he did so, he made small markings at points where he would want a rider, as well as stops. Turning the paper around, he pointed out the markings, his voice low as he tried to be as professional as possible.

Those points, communication riders, these here... where I want this damned convoy to stop. Very few of these towns have any defenses at all, so if we’re attacked, we’re pretty much screwed. I guess I have both of you to thank for that little detail. Plus, a little bonus for the side of you that wants a new commander for the Wolves, there’s no way my soldiers would blend in. It would be far too many people along with it. I say we improvise with a guard detail to disguise a few of them, another group as merchants and have any men that are trained in cavalry stay a distance behind us.

Drawing three lines, evenly spaced on the trade route, he pointed them out.

At each of these, I want reinforcements and/or replacements. The men will be tired, there’s no reason to push them to go all the way, especially when we’ll be losing and gaining traders along the way. If we have a disagreement on this, than you can go find yourselves another commander to take this mission: I’m not one for sending men as fodder so that an unknown enemy can be tracked down.. especially when it’s my own group.

Leaning up, he brought his arms across his chest, staring between the men. A slight twist of his lips began appearing though, as his smile once again was moving over his face. Looking back to Robby, the one who seemed to enjoy his company the most, he had gone from professional back to his obnoxious self in the split second he straightened up.

So what exactly is in this for me, gents? There’s no way I would go through something like this without a little prize waiting for me at the end of it all. So what do you offer, or we can consider this entire thing never happening with me at the wheel. I’ll make sure that everything goes according to plan, all your pain-in-the-ass orders followed to the detail, but I’m not doing it for the glory of all mighty Celis. You put me up with something like this… what's my prize?

36 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Mon Aug 16, 2010 7:27 pm


Robert nodded as Owen spoke to the younger officer sitting before them. It wasn't every day when one had to deal with arrogance and disrespect, especially in the government. And yet this man had the angst to sit before them and do just that. It kind of perplexed Robert as to how someone could be that narrow minded and self centered. Listening to the man's words Robert found himself having trouble containing himself. Bristling with anger he turned back on the man, wondering what kind of self destructive wish this fellow had. Did this man seriously think that he was untouchable by the government? Did he truly believe that his words invoked no danger to him or his person? If this government were more corrupt this man would already be dead thought Robert silently.

Turning back around quickly he studied the room for a moment, trying to get what the man was saying off his mind until he cooled down. The room was about 20x30 with a large wooden table in the center. Of course the table was of a rectangular nature and had been carved diligently until completion. They had purchased it from a decent carpenter who lived in one of the smaller towns outside of Novus, something of a token for the old man. He needed the money and Robert had been passing through at the time. Smiling to himself Robby remembered some of the little things he had done to help the people, and some of the grander things as well. Ellara hadn't and still didn't give him enough credit for the things he had done and continued to do. She thought that he had no contact with the people and he would be lying if he said it didn't annoy him.

His thoughts re focused on the room, and he noticed the large tapestry hanging on the opposite wall of the map. It had been completed after years of work by a local weaver. The tapestry depicted a large Celisian Knight protecting a young woman from a beastly looking Novustral. A slight frown over took his face as he felt his people's deep dislike for the animal like people. Shrugging he stopped looking at the room and turned back around, coming out of his deep thoughts right as Eames started speaking again. Of course some of his words had been well thought out, while others lacked meaning to Robert.

"You will leave where the lines of communication will be to us Eames. We already have this worked out and ready to be implemented into the general scheme of things. And I don't think you realize the scope or depth of this operation do you Eames? Do you have any idea how huge this caravan is actually going to be? Obviously you don't. Perhaps you should let your superiors do the strategics and you can follow your orders."

A slight grin came over his face as he listened to the rest of what the man had to say. Shaking his head he chuckled audibly and smiled at Eames.

"If your men need to rest when average merchants can continue on their way, obviously you haven't been doing your job correctly. And you seem to forget that "Your" group is part of a larger group. And that this larger group is under my command. I can also tell you that I have overseen the basic training of all of the Raiseans' units, and that they are all capable of making this trip unhindered. So unless you have a personal physical incapability and inadequacy you will make this trip just as well. Your men are not fodder, they will be protecting Celisian interests and civilians. So that villages in the farther reaches of Celis can get food and other supplies. And you continue to disregard that these men are not only under your command but also mine. And I can get another commander, but I promise you that if I need to get another commander.. that you will be losing your position as one. How does latrine duty for the rest of your career sound?"

Robert shook his head and narrowed his eyes at the man. He was to the end of his patience and he was about to let it be known to this man. Even if it meant making an enemy in the process.

"You will be doing this because I gave you an order to. Because you are under my command, and while you are you will do as I say. You have a choice. Commanders have put up with your insubordination in the past and I will discontinue that now. Two options.. You either A. go with your men and protect this caravan or B. You are hanged and I find a commander just as capable to take your place and do what you cannot."

Shrugging he smiled smugly at the commander of the Wolf Cohort.

"It's up to you."


37 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:23 pm

Eames Croft

He watched Robby, listening to the Triumvir as he more or less decided to skip any pleasantries and insult him, making him even more unhappy. This is why he hated dealing with the leaders of this country, why would he have to deal with a monkey in a suit when the citizens only had ideas of what even happened around the clock. Staring at Robby as he was given his ultimatum, he let his head fall to the side, thinking about the two options; working the mission given to him by a general that wanted him out of the picture.. or just be hung and continue on with his life, and it was actually a difficult choice to make. It was infuriating being spoken down to as a child, it's not like the great Robby was going to go on this mission. Maybe he was the answer, the Triumvir to save the day.. and then go fuck himself.

Of course he let these thoughts spin in his head, gaining a small smile from the solace they brought to him. Looking at Owen who had gone silent, he looked at the map, his ideas not good enough for the almighty and all-knowing Robert.

So you're going to have the brute Hannibal watching over little old me? I'm honored, although you really need to find someone who gives a damn about other legions in this hell hole. You'll give him and his men a nice send off while we go before the break of dawn. Robert, you really should learn who to talk to when it comes to secrecy and getting these missions done.

Standing up, he walked over to the map, putting his finger over a small down that was along the route, he turned on his heel and began walking away, moving straight across the room as he crossed his arms about his chest.

Oh Robert, sir Robert.. I'll tell you what. Let's make a small deal, just between us two gentlemen with Owen as our witness. I'll do this, for the bleeding heart within me that only beats for the wondrous Celis...

His voice became more and more sarcastic, but his expression deepened as his anger wasn't kept hidden or anything.

Though... if I do happen to come back alive, Oh Robert, brave Robert.. I better expect some respect for my skills, regardless of how I act. I'm not someone you really want to push; though as you can make your speeches and become the hero of the people, you won't win the men as easily as when you're beside them as I am. Keep your tabs on me, because if I get wind of anything coming toward me or my men.. well, then I'll just be blunt and tell you to go fuck yourself.

Turning, he was holding a small dagger within his fingers and quickly threw it. The small town that he had "marked" just earlier was now split in two, the dagger hanging in the map as he walked towards the door. Opening it, he glanced out to the guards, giving a small wink as he watched one of them set his hand on the sword at his side, then turned back to the two leaders still inside.

Enjoy the souvenir Oh great one.. I'll be seeing you later. Lets hope that when it happens, we're under better terms.

38 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:44 pm


Robert exerted his will and held a perfectly smooth face of calm, he wouldn't show this man Eames that he had gotten to him. The man was vile and abnormally brutish making Robert think that perhaps Hannibal was alright after all. In most respects it seemed to him that Hannibal was a good soul... perhaps he was fine after all. Turning back the pressing issue of Eames he just decided to ignore him and act like nothing was said. Letting him leave he turned back to Owen and shook is head slightly. This man who called himself Eames was in fact incapable of respect, and Robby extremely wished that he had chosen someone else for the job.

"This man... I have half the mind to have him hanged for insubordination and conspiracy against hte government. And perhaps if he fails in his charge, or if he does something incredibly stupid on the field, I will have him dishonorable discharged from the military and hanged."

Sighing he turned towards the door and openned it.

"I will see you later then? For now I must go see to Ellara."

Walking through the intrance he made his way from street to street towards Ellara's dwelling. It was already getting dark and Robert noted the shadows and such that moved through the street. Although there was little natural light to see with torches and the like helped him find his way. When he arrived he knocked on her door and waited for a reply.


39 Re: Pride [Spring April 17th, 533 YOI] on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:10 pm


Ellara dropped her writing utensil and looked out the window at the sky. Oh. What do you know? It's later than I'd thought. Picking up a spare map, she rolled it up as she walked to the door, then carefully exited the room and locked it behind her. Finishing what she was doing, she looked up at Robert, pushing her bangs out of her eyes automatically before she gave him a soft smile. She was a bit relieved it would be him, not Owen or Hannibal, that she'd be dining with, simply because she felt he listened a little better than the former. Hannibal was just silly in some regards, and she doubted she'd be able to accomplish much around him. However, there was a nagging suspicion that had been bothering her, so she decided she would have to address that before anything serious occurred. Falling into place beside him, Ellara kept her eyes lowered, a bit like an awkward child next to an adult.

She was hunting for something to say when they approached the Citadel. After they entered the gates, she asked politely, "How did it go with Owen and his mercenary? I've heard he can be a bit buried in his own ego." Ellara had meant this to have as little damaging effect as possible, but she then considered what she said. Damn. Her face empty, she listened to his response, nodding, not really listening to him at all. She already knew the answer: He was a jerk. Several people from the bar had told her that. As they turned onto a hallway, they passed a young man who gave Robert a rather dirty look, and she assumed it was Eames. Her eyes lit upon him for only a moment before she dropped her gaze again. She felt increasingly young, and she didn't want it to show.

When they stopped, she took a seat and gently laid out the scroll, using various objects to weigh down the corners. With her bright eyes, she finally faced what she'd needed to confront. "Look, Robert... I just want you to know that I'm not your enemy, here. I'm not just a peace-monger. If that were true, I'd never have gone through military training, and I'd certainly never have done well. I don't mean to appear lopsided, and perhaps I should have chosen to say this in our fuller company, but I could not grasp the words at that time, and I must apologize. You see, I don't want options overlooked. When it comes to the people, safety must be considered on all counts. Sometimes, you're right - fighting is better. Sometimes, the case may be that it is wiser to lay down our arms and admit that we are not ready to battle. But in any situation, all views must be considered. You seemed to be agreeing well with Owen, so I made it a point to bring in another perspective. If you had been addressing the situation from all sides, I'd have sat silent and marveled at how wise a leader you truly were being. That was not the case, though, so I just wanted to explain that I wasn't trying to fight either of you, and I wasn't trying to be a 'lover-not-fighter.' Really, I just want the situation to be fully analyzed."

She prepared herself for a reprimanding, a scolding, or some sort of other negative speech as she stared at the map. Her eyes were soft, pensive, as she turned them to Robert. They almost bore a fearful look, as if she had suddenly become squeamish that night and feared that he were a monster waiting to break loose and strike her down. While Ellara wasn't nearly that afraid of him, she did worry.


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