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A Cocky Man [Spring April 11th, 533 YOI]

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1 A Cocky Man [Spring April 11th, 533 YOI] on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:39 am

Divree Mkalle

Divree walked into the large bustling tavern and was overwhelmed by sounds and smells. Men and women alike were drinking and talking merrily in the establishment and all seemed well. People laughed and yelled and the occasional ruckus would break out and be put down by the large bouncer that protected the tavern. A smile crept into his eyes as the bouncer threw out a particularly small man into the streets. It was always nice putting the weak in their place and it didn't happen often enough, thought Divree. Just like when the Celisians welcomed the weaker Kracians into their midst. It was ridiculous that the Celisians would even consider such a thing. Kracians were weak, foolish, and dirty deserving to be whipped out and killed in the streets of Novus, hunted and persecuted to extinction. What a happy thought. Walking to the closest table, he took a seat and put his riding boots up onto the table, a growing impatient smirk passing across his lips as he waited for a serving lass. When one finally did arrive, he was clear about his distaste for her being late.. And a Kracian.

"Skinny one aren't you? No doubt so ugly because of your blood wench. I'll take some ale and a rare steak, if that isn't to hard for your little Kracian mind to comprehend. And I expect it quickly for the time it took you to get out here. But it's to be expected not to expect much from things like you."

The girl left with an angry glare and Divree chuckled as he watched her leave. He looked around curious to see if anyone he knew was there.

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Ellara had been washing some mugs, getting ready to leave since she'd been working for too long anyway when they'd thrown the man out. She eyed the muscular man, about ready to let him have it. He'd been showing unnecessary displays of his strength ever since they'd hired him and she was sick of it, quite honestly. Catching his eye, she crooked a finger and leaned across the bar counter to greet him. When he reached her, she punched him in the jaw and sat up, glaring down at him as he bent and nursed the wound along with his pride.

"Asshole. I'll have you fired if I can find a way. You better control yourself or I'll have to."

With that, she dusted her wet hands on a rag and looked around. One of the servants was standing at the bar with an order, so Ellara wandered over. The girl's expression was undeniably angry, and she appeared completely impatient.

"What kept you, Laura? You knows I gots me trouble on me hands and I can't stand to haz that."

"What's got your dress in a knot, girl?" Ellara frowned. "Tell me honestly, or I can't help you. What, or who, is bothering you?

With quick words, the girl explained. Ellara smiled, took his order, and when it was done, she made the girl mind the bar while she took it to him. She sat down across from the stranger and, without looking at him, addressed him in as polite a tone of voice she could manage.

"Excuse me, sir, but we would appreciate it if you'd keep your feet off our tables and on the ground." She hesitated, then continued. "If you have a problem with whoever's serving you, I suggest you take it up with me or some other manager, or I'll have our lovely bouncer assist you in making a kinder decision." She slid the food across the table but retained his mug, holding it calmly and waiting for a response, not really sure if this would go very well at all.

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3 Re: A Cocky Man [Spring April 11th, 533 YOI] on Mon Aug 02, 2010 1:57 pm

Divree Mkalle

Divree had been waiting impatiently for his meal when a different more attractive woman approached him. From the way she walked and the set of her shoulders he could tell that she was either extremely irritated or angry. He immediately guessed that this new girl was the direct result of his previous behavior with the last one. When she sat down and began speaking she didn't look at him and it was very annoying. Divree had always hated when people lower then him were disrespectful. He raised an eyebrow and smirked sarcastically while eying the woman, not trying to hide the fact that he was looking immodestly at her various female body parts. His boots continued to stay on the table while his hands slide to the silver wear by the steak. Slicing up a few squares of meat he spoke.

"I thin I'll keep my boots exactly where they are currently placed serving girl. And I do have a problem with the previous serving lass, she is a dirty Kracian and I don't want her filth on my food and drink. And I suggest that if you want your bouncer in good health that you think twice about sending him after me."

Divree winked arrogantly at the woman sitting before him and took a bite of his steak.

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Ellara watched his movements and listened to him speak from the shade behind her bangs. From the way he moved and carried himself, he was either a military or government official. From the way he talked, he was more arrogant than any title would allow him to be, and that made her smile internally. She could feel his eyes prying across her body, and she was extremely tempted to tell him she was one-quarter Kracian herself, but then she thought better of it and let it go. Instead, she could just... What an interesting idea. But, then again, lowering yourself to someone else's level is never appropriate unless you're helping them. ...Ah, who cares? She pulled herself up and gently slid the mug across to him, smiling a little wickedly, her bangs still hiding her eyes. Leaving her hand daringly close to his, she leaned forward somewhat, aware of the fact that he could probably see straight down her bodice. Her hand hovered just inches away from his, leaving many things to be questioned.

"So sorry, we just usually never have any problems, you know. Most men can't even tell the difference between a Kracian and Celisian... You must have a trained eye. And I can tell you're a soldier - It's the muscle, I think, or maybe the battle-worn eyes. Tell me, do you get out much at all or do they keep men like you hidden in reserves to crush any enemies that might slip through our defenses?"

Her tone was lower, a little deeper, and slightly enticing. She sounded a little TOO sincere in her question, with emphasis on the first telling of a little bit more meaning than the literal phrase itself. She wasn't sure that it was all convincing since she'd never actually tried to seduce anyone before, but she felt it couldn't have been all that bad. Either he would start laughing and shove her away or he would actually talk, which was what she hoped for. Further knowledge might be important, especially if she was going to try to improve the government's relations to the public. It wasn't just that, either... She was genuinely interested to hear about this arrogant man. While he was somewhat attractive, she fairly certain his personality would get in the way of that.

Oh well. If worst comes to worst, I get either laughed at or raped in a back alley. That's not so bad!


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The Piper stepped into the musky room, immediately overwhelmed by the presences of a crowd jammed into a small space. He almost felt like he would choke on the cacophony of scents and sights that bombarded his senses. Bringing his eyes up, he watched the many different people moving about, customers tottering in their drunken bliss and servers rushing about trying to keep peace by maintaining haste. His mouth twitched as he examined the various groups and individuals: here sat a pair of men muttering in undertone, not concentrating on anyone for too long, and there stood a woman, her hips and chest thrust forward, enticing men to relinquish to her their earnings. She kept her face calmly uninterested in most of the unattractive men, but occasionally she would wink to a more handsome fellow, obviously picky about her customers. She wasn't pretty enough to be as selective as she insisted upon being, but then again, he wasn't concerned with her services because he wouldn't be indulging in them anyway.

After his long observation, he began to slowly move across the room, going unnoticed a considerable ways through. He took a seat at a table next to a man whose feet were on his table and whose eyes were practically raping the young woman sitting across from him.
"What a charming lad..." Disconcerted, he lifted his hood away from his face, revealing it to the people around him. Staring down at the grains of the wood, he began to mentally recite poetry, then debate the literature from various points of view. After a short while, a serving girl with a gentle disposition came to serve him.

When she asked what he wanted, he responded,
"A mug of your best ale and some shepherd's pie, if you would be so kind."

The shy girl blushed and scurried away, and Ryas began anew his debates. He had gotten only a short ways into the discussion when he felt eyes on him. Looking up, he saw that the prostitute was staring over at him, and had probably been doing so for some time. He returned her gaze, and when she winked at him, his face flashed disgust before returning to a blank expression. The woman's mouth pulled back as she realized what the look was, then dropped her eyes, ashamed of herself. Ryas smiled to himself for a moment before he turned his eyes elsewhere.

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Hannibal stepped into the tavern, knocking the doors half-way off their handles and blocking all the light from the entrance before walking over to a vacant table and sitting in what appeared to be a very sturdy chair. I hope this one actually holds me... He then looked over to the barkeeper and yelled.

HEY! BARKEEP! Can I get a cask of your finest brew and a roast chicken? Thank you!

He then relaxed as the barkeeper brought the items, before ripping the top off of the cask and drinking it like it were a normal glass. He then ripped off about a third of the bird and started ripping into it. After a few minutes of this he began to slow down and seemed to actually eat at a halfway decent rate, though still quite fast.

He then began to look around, apparently searching for something interesting to do, before he spotted the odd assortment of people gathered around two tables and walked over.

Well hello there! I'm a bit bored, and a bit drunk. So who hear can entertain me, ehh? Not that hard, I've got quite a good sense of humor!

He then sat down in front of Ryas and started talking at him.

Hello there Mr. Silent. What's going on? Anything interesting? Hello! Knock kno-ock...

He then leaned back and waited for a response, while watching Ryas, Ellara, and Divree and waiting for some sort of fun to happen.

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Studying the woman at the other table, he concluded that her seduction was false and that she was trying to get something out of the man, although what, he couldn't tell. She seemed a decent person, and she was attractive enough. He made a mental note to help her if the man sitting across from her began to offer her trouble. Violence against women was simply intolerable to him, and had been the source of many beatings for him when he was growing up. However, now there was no chain binding him to that master, and he could freely rip the eyes out of any man who tried to harm someone without due cause. He could see no reason why the man should be angry with the woman at all.

Then, a new man, perhaps more a colossus, presented himself to the two tables, then to Ryas specifically.

Ryas frowned and looked at the stranger. He wasn't a social person. He didn't like socializing at all, but he figured this was a man who wouldn't be refused, and although he could probably run circles around the giant and never be caught, he wanted to avoid angering him. In a monotone voice, Ryas asked,
"Do you ever have problems picking up women? Because I think you could pick any girl up."

Ryas smiled apologetically for the terrible joke at the man's expense, but somehow he felt that the gentleman wouldn't be too displeased. He was willing to bet the man was easily amused in his humorous state. If he didn't have as much discipline as was instilled into him, Ryas would have joined the man for a drink, but his mental state wouldn't allow it. "A pity, too. I'd suspect one would have fun with such a charming fellow." With an internal smile, he looked fondly to the man, judging him and finding him more and more a friendly, good-spirited soul. "Yes, spirited up by the spirits in his body."

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Divree Mkalle

Divree looked to the woman and gave her a funny look, unsure of what she was trying to get at. He took another bite of his steak and looked over as a man came and sat down at the table next to his. The guy seemed to look like a pretty boy but Divree wouldn't underestimate him. He had seen too many people underestimate weak looking opponents and get hurt to fall for that misconception. He shifted a little bit so that more of his body was facing the man, it would be better if he could see what the man did if he decided to start anything. With someone more experienced at lying he could see right through this woman's facade. At first she seemed to be angry and he had guessed that the other server had told her what happened, she seemed to cool herself down though and was trying to use the fact that she was a woman against him. Something that wouldn't work. Although if she thought he was caught up in her little game it might give him an advantage.

"They generally keep men like me on the front lines with the first wave. You know.. to scare the enemies."

Grinning he gave her a suggestive wink, playing even more into the little game that this woman was obviously inexperienced at. His attention was drawn to the entrance of the room as a large hulking shadow darkened the doorway. Keeping tabs on him after awhile the large man walked over to the table next to his as well, and seemed to try and strike up a conversation with the man already present. Upon closer inspection he noticed that the larger man was in fact.. part Novustrian.. His lips curled in disgust as shared this look opennly with the larger man. One animal that he disliked even more than Kracians was a Novustral. The dirty things didn't even know how to use silverwear, and after the little show the man put up with eating.. it seemed the stereo type still stood. Turning over to the woman he nodded in the big mans direction.

"Do you see that big disgusting beast over there? I'll bet you a Denerii that he is part Novustrian. I find it hard to believe that the Celisian government would even allow his continued existence. Creatures like him should be put down at birth."

He gave her a slightly wicked smile and took another bite of his meal, finishing up he took a small swig off his ale and loosened his sword and other weapons in their holders. Divree was already aware that the two men siting at the other table had probably heard what he had said, and due to the large mans nature he guessed there would be trouble. He didn't doubt it.

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Ellara smiled charmingly, lifting herself back into a more superior position, bringing her foot up to rest on the chair across from him and leaning her elbows on her knee. What a jerk. With cool authority in her voice, she informed him, "You know, I'm a part of the Celisian government..." She looked at Hannibal. "And he's no pushover." At this point, she knew that Hannibal had heard the man, because he had turned. "I certainly hope you know how to apologize, because my bouncer wouldn't touch him, not that I would let him."

Sliding away from the table, Ellara bowed to Hannibal. "By all means, if you damage this man... well, nevermind, he's not even a man." Leaning against the giant, she regarded the man sitting at the table with a trained eye and smiled. "He's certainly not even in his twenties yet. Yes, your little boy," She put emphasis on the word to taunt him, "...doesn't seem very polite at all! Please sir, humor him." With that, Ellara clapped him on the shoulder, winked at the silly boy and added a bit of a challenge. "If you get in a fight and you win, which I would be amazed to see happen, then I might even have the urge to reward you for your outstanding skill. What that reward might be, I don't know, but I'm sure I'll think of something. The same is extended to you." She nodded to Hannibal and flashed them a warm smile before sitting across from the man who'd been quietly attached to his mug.

"I must apologize, sir. Normally, we don't solicit violence, but as you can see, there are a few times when we will make an exception."


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As Divree insulted him, Hannibal slowly turned and stared at him. No Hannibal. Don't get angry. No smash-smash the jerk-jerk. Instead of smashing Divree right then and there, Hannibal leaned back slowly, surreptitiously loosening his axe as he did so.

Ahh, but you would be right sir. Half-Celisian and half-Novustrian, born in a small village after a nasty bit of rape, wouldn't ya' know. Not that it's made my life any easier, but hey, neither has that mug of YOUR'S ehh? Anywho, I'd like nothing better then to smush you across this fine establishment, but that'd look bad coming from an officer of my rank. Besides, your mom might miss you at home.

Hannibal the looked like he was going to say something more, he noticed that the girl had started leaning on him and was taunting Divree. Atta' girl, show the scrawny man-child what-for! Hannibal then stood up and stretched, before staring down at Divree.

Well boy, ye been warned, not a very good warning, but a warning still. Now, we can either take this outside, or you can run home to your mom and let her know that the big, scary Novustrian was polite enough to let you live.

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Ryas smirked a little as the man turned toward this contender. He didn't think the puny child understood the amount of force this stranger could put into a hit - Ryas only knew because the table that had been leaned upon was groaning in protest. His ears alert, he listened to the young woman insult the child, and then the massive man warn him of the danger that could fall over his life if he chose to persist. Ryas had to admit, it would be most unwise for the boy to continue further to provoke the honest man. Like himself, the kid may have been skilled beyond his appearance, but Ryas also believed that if the giant got a single hit in, that it would be over. And Ryas would stand up for the gentleman, simply because this other boy was a racist, sexist asshole, and he couldn't stand either racism or sexism.

It then came to his attention that the young lady had chosen to sit across from him. Now she was an extraordinarily interesting character to him: She was a beautiful woman to begin with, and now he knew she was also a government official.
"What a lovely excuse to get to know this fine young woman." Leaning toward her with interest, he listened to her apology and said, quite frankly, "I don't care what you or your men do to jerks like him. It shouldn't matter if he's Celisian, Kracian, or Novustrian... No one deserves talk like that until they've earned it. Just because your ancestors earned it doesn't put you, personally, to shame for their sins." He took her hand and kissed it. "No, my dearest lady, you've nothing to apologize for. I am called Ryas, and I'm certainly humbled by your presence. Might I ask your name?"

Ryas refused to let go of her hand as his warm eyes caught and held hers.

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Divree Mkalle

Divree smiled as the man turned around and started to threaten him, he noticed that the man seemed tense and was trying hard to control himself. He was obviously larger then most men, having more resemblance to a horse than an actual human.The mans brow jutted out more than an average person giving more proof of his primitive ancestry. It was a shame as well, since Divree guessed he was a good general by the rank he had received. The only problem Divree had with the gaint brute was his mothers weakness. Giving the man a large grin he raised his eyebrow and winked at him.

"You know in a way you are the weakest person in this bar. You might have the largest muscles and the biggest attitude but your weak. You know why filth? Because up to a point I bet you can't control yourself can you? A little piece of your ancestry I suppose. And I don't blame you for being what you are, like everyone here is probably thinking. I blame your mother for not eating some leaves and shitting you out while you were a little sack of meat."

Keeping his smile he turned back to the woman standing by the large man. His false facade of happiness starting to drift away. He shrugged and gently pulled on the short sword concealed within his jacket, his other hand clasping around the dirk on his hip.

"You my little neighborhood slut.. well I think someone aught to cut that little lying tongue right out of that pretty mouth of yours. But not I, I don't know where it's been. And judging by your company... I don't want to."

Backing up slightly he put himself in a better position to run for the exit. This was going to get ugly and if he planned on surviving he would have to get the attention of the local populace. Many of them didn't like this hulking beast as much as he, and Divree planned to use this to his advantage. His smile returning he put himself in a cocky posture, wondering if the big idiot would take his bait.

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Ellara stood slowly, smiling. A neighborhood whore, hmm? I think that'd be a profession I'd be good at. I'll take that as a compliment. She noticed that the quiet man had also stood, and was drifting toward the exit the boy had placed himself to jump through. Her speed and grace were revealed when she darted past the larger man and tackled the stranger, pinning him to the floor and burning her eyes into him. "We don't allow weapons here, sir. Keep them out of sight or not on you." Without adverting her eyes from the young man, she addressed the angered man, trying to be as gentle as she could when she spoke. "Please leave, sir... Today is not the day for this fight. If you must, take it to a field like a gentleman, and since this child is so itching for a chance to attack, let him show you his skill there."

She waited patiently, offering her captive no room to move. Until the other was gone, she wouldn't let him up. Ryas came and stood beside her, still in the way of the exit. She nodded to him, then sighed. "You know, child, it would have been much simpler if you could have kept your tongue in check, but I'm afraid now I'm going to have to ban you from this facility. The next time you choose to come here, I will shoot you, and I don't miss. Please don't make that my only option."

Her mind ached, and then the serving girl from before crossed and knelt next to the kid as well. "I do not begrudge you, and do you know why? You're the weakest one here. You bait people into fights and like a coward, plan to run away. Your mouth is too loose and your ego too large. I'm sorry." The girl got up and walked away, and Ellara smiled.

Well, alright then.


14 Re: A Cocky Man [Spring April 11th, 533 YOI] on Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:28 am

Divree Mkalle

Divree watched as the woman ran forward and tackled him onto the ground, he chose to sit still and wait for a moment before doing anything. The room around him spun slightly as the back of his head hit the ground and he was pinned quickly by Ellara. A smirk spread across his face as the woman above him believed so easily in her ability to keep him down. Thoughts quickly swirled through his head as he assessed the situation. It wasn't looking good for him one because the woman above him was quick, two because her boy toy was right beside them, and three if he did manage to get away from these two the big angry one would be on him. Anger glinted in his eyes as he looked up at the woman pinning him to the ground. One thing he hated was feeling like he had lost control of a situation, and it was apparent that this was one of those situations. Looking her in the eyes his easy arrogant persona came back and took over his face and body.

"A little boy am I? From the looks of you miss you're not much older than me. So would that make you a little girl? I'm sure you say it doesn't, arguing the fact that my ego and prejudice make me immature. You just don't understand.. none of you do. You let creatures like that big man live among you while his kind kill our women and children. You betray us. And it makes me sick."

Divree watched as the serving lass he first saw in the beginning of the mess approach. She knelt down next to him and said some things that made his grin spread even wider over his attractive features. He winked at her and shifted his weight a little bit, yawning as he did so that Ellara might not notice. His arms were trapped but his legs were still free, and he planned on using them in a moment. He was still trying to figure out how he got himself into such a dilemma. These people obviously didn't like to mess around and it had been his misfortune to have stumbled upon them. This woman seemed to be a bit of a hypocrite when it came to age, and it was obvious she was an actor when it came to dealing with people. Therefor she was automatically dangerous to him, he didn't like people who could manipulate using logic that was incorrect. His gaze went over the original serving lass again. If she wasn't so skinny and Kracian he might have thought she was attractive.. but since she was a Kracian she was ruled out immediately.

"I bait people into fights dearest? Thats a strange opinion indeed. I speak the truth and people choose not only to not listen to my wise advice, but they are angered by my words as well. And I am a coward because I was planning on leaving the room? Not only because I was outnumbered one to three but because this big man over here could probably kill ten of me. It's not that I am a coward, it's that I think about these things logically. And logically this situation wasn't in my favor."

Looking back at Ellara he got a big toothy grin and winked at her.

"And for now sweet heart.. I really must be leaving."

Getting his feet underneath his rear he planted them and shoved upwards using his elbows and legs, with all the strength he could muster.

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Hearing Divree speak, Hannibal began to shake with rage, and took a step forward intending to drag him outside and end it there, before Ellara ran past him and knocked Divree to the ground. Seeing this, he stopped moving and then just stared for a second, before he started laughing as hard as he could

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Atta' girl!

He then watched as Ellara and Divree trade words. He saw Divree flex, and then moved surreptitiously over towards him. When Divree made his move, Hannibal was right next to him and immediately leaned over and held him down with one hand.

Nice try, boy. Now it's my turn to say something. I realize that one part of my ancestry is despicable, hell, I don't like them much either. I joined the Celisian army at the age of 8, and fought my entire adolescent and young-adult life against them. I was part of the strike teams who attacked their much larger force for the entire time they were active. I was both a commander and a solider on the ground during that final battle. I fought and personally killed more Novustrians in that war then there are men in this tavern many times over.
My point is, I understand what you mean when you insult them. But I am not them. I am a Mirael in command of four legions that have been created for the defense of this nation. I have spilled the blood of myself and others, my sweat, and my tears for this country so if I forget myself while relaxing drunk in a tavern and eat with bad manners, that doesn't mean that I am a murderer and brute like them.
Now, I'm going to let you up, no worse for wear, and let you go free wherever you want, no grudges held. I hope the next time you see someone who's ancestors did something wrong, you'll do me the personal favor, as a fellow army-man, of stopping and thinking about how that person isn't just a sum of their parents.

After his long spiel, Hannibal lifted his hand off of Divree and stood up straight, making a hole for him to get to the door. He then gestured towards the exit and stared Divree straight in the eyes.

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Ryas was waiting on the lady when suddenly she stood, and immediately he could understand this reflex. Her body had tensed the moment the two men took position to act, and so she had stood to intercept the younger of them. Ryas also rose, silently crossing the area and blocking the exit, his eyes glazed as he viewed the commotion. As the young man tried to pretend he didn't care that he'd just been bested, and not only bested, but by a woman, the edges of his mouth curved into a wicked smile. "He can't admit to his own faults... What a shame. Shameful, indeed..." As the child began to insult Ellara, he could see the amusement rising in her eyes, and he noticed the young man's feet sliding up.

At this time, Ryas chose to sidle over next to Ellara, and he listened as the serving girl spoke to the child in a sympathetic voice, which further soured the stinger's bite. Ryas was amused by this thought until the young man decided to act. However, the child's trick had not gone unnoticed by giant, either, who came and put an end to the trick. Pulling the woman carefully away from Divree, who seemed to be in enough of a rut with the giant, he gently brushed the floor of the pub, seeming to consist of nothing but dust and crumbs, off her clothes. He then flashed her a cool grin and returned to his seat, attention fixed on the huge man.

Personally, he thought the younger one would have to be fairly unintelligent to not follow the guiding man's advice...
"But then again, this lad doesn't seem completely concerned about his safety. Again, a pity. You always put yourself before others, you silly child. Leaning back, Ryas closed his eyes and fell into his quiet verses again. It didn't take long for his lovely young lady to rejoin him, although he felt she probably had to get back to work soon, which he didn't necessarily agree with. He did his best to pretend he wasn't disappointed by saying plainly, "I certainly enjoyed talking with you, miss, even though our conversation was short-lived and interrupted. I advise you to keep safe this evening, and have a lovely time tomorrow."

After giving her hand one last kiss, he retreated from her.

17 Re: A Cocky Man [Spring April 11th, 533 YOI] on Sat Aug 14, 2010 7:13 am


Ellara felt the move underneath her, but she did nothing to stop him. When her large friend pushed him back down, she gently rolled aside, sitting up and listening to the man speak, watching Divree with calm, patient eyes. Ryas's hand fell onto her shoulder and she nodded to him without looking at him. When he stood, however, she let her eyes lift and watch him sit back at his table. Returning to the situation for a moment, Laura listened as the speech was finished, then kept her eyes on Divree as she too rose. She cautiously crossed behind the Novustral and leaned against the gentleman's table, having tarried too much time away on this silly ordeal. There were other customers to serve, as this was one of the busiest places in the city.

She then realized that her friend also knew that this was true, and so he took her hand and kissed it. Ellara did her best not to let her face's color change, but instead she offered a polite smile and said gently, "Yes, the whims of these people do rule me, and it is such a pity, but I must remember that I'm on a job, not on a break. If I had been on a break, I fear it's been too long, so yes, I should get back to my actual job. But by no means does that mean we won't see each other again - After all, I'm kinda stuck here and you're allowed to stay as long as you'd like. That being said, you'll probably catch my face many more times before you leave!"

She'd turned what could have been a flirting comment into a statement of fact. Ellara wasn't one to try to lead people on, since she hadn't come to this city for romance, really. She stood, removing her hand and thanking the man before she took his empty mug and relieved the serving girl of the bar. Refilling the mug, she got back to work, giving it to the girl, then asking the grumpy codgers if they'd like anything else. One of them leaned across the counter and motioned toward her. She blinked, then wandered over. "Is there something I can get you, my lord?"

"You really think it was smart, helpin' a Novustral? They're awfully hated, my lady, and while this one serves a strong purpose and justifies his case well, I think it best if next time you take to the other side of the argument."

Ellara chuckled, then winked at the man and, smiling, replied, "No, sir, I'll take whichever side is appropriate to take. No matter who it is that walks into this room, I'll have my eye on any of 'em, for my job is to manage this place, and in managing it, I must also make sure no ruckus breaks forth." She calmly picked up a man's glass and began to refill it, still speaking as she did. "I'm not concerned about opinions of me. If people want to judge me, let them judge me while I'm in my real job. For now, this is only a ghost of a job, which I use to gather information on the peoples' views of the government and how it could help them further. And you can quote me on that, if you'd like. But my point is, I take all my jobs very seriously, and I'd like opinions to be kept separate, because what I'd do here as a manager, I may not do as a politician, if you know what I mean."

By now, she had returned the one man's glass and handed out a basket of bread. There was someone on the other side of the bar wanting her attention, but she carefully cleaned a plate while the man answered.

"Well if you will not be dissuaded, my lady, Godspeed to you and may you never meet someone disagreeable."

Ellara smiled at him and curtsied slightly before edging around the bar to the other stranger.


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