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Spring Solstice [533 YOI]

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1 Spring Solstice [533 YOI] on Tue Aug 17, 2010 8:26 pm


When Ellara awoke, she felt like she had woken from a coma, and was experiencing a new world. Her muscles tingled and her skin crawled, her body alive with some foreign energy that didn't belong to her. The entire world seemed to have been painted fresh, even though all she could see were the dull tones of her current living space. She breathed out, then back in the rich and light feeling that was beginning to seep into her thoughts. A slight smile fell over her lips and she stretched, reaching her arms out to welcome this rejuvenating force that was filling her with life. What a life! It took several minutes for her to realize that it was caused by the spring solstice. While she had never had an experience quite like this, her life had never been as good as it was now. She blamed this for her overpowering feeling of joy and she accepted the newfound strength graciously. Standing, she rolled her shoulders before putting on a clean white tunic with purple edging and toffee-colored breeches.

She greeted her farmer friend with surprising fervor, and he left with his own grin, the contagious feeling having spread to his body. Ellara could hear him whistling as he skipped down the stairs and she laughed. It was when she was eating that Ellara realized it must have been early for her to have conversed with the man, so she opened the window to check. Sure enough, grey twilight fell over her room, and the morning fog extinguished the lone candle she had lit, but the dull dampness only lifted her more. She pulled the dew into her body and grinned triumphantly. I wonder if the soldiers have to train on a day like this... probably. Wolfing down the last morsels of her food even as she walked, she slipped out the door, bouncing down the stairs and out into the street.

After having swallowed the last bit of apple, Ellara glanced around. The streets were empty except for the people that lived in them. Bristling with the passion she had been entrusted with, she strode down the street, humming to herself as she went. She continued like this until she reached the edge of the city, where the wall stood before her. She followed it until she reached the east gate, the one closest to her home, then she looked out. She could see, from where she was, a group of trainees and soldiers jogging around a large track, in the center of which was a practice field. Her eyes lit up as she watched them, then she sprinted out and matched their pace, falling into stride a few yards to their outside. It took a little while before one of the soldiers noticed her, and when he did he cried out in alarm, surprised by her appearance. Ellara laughed and raced ahead of them, not going as fast as she could, but still going as fast as some of the better runners of the city. She stretched her arms out toward the sky, then cut across the track and began to leap through an obstacle course. Some of the training men slowed to watch the fluidity with which she moved even though she never stopped and flew at breakneck speeds, and Ellara felt proud of all the work she'd done to achieve the form she had.

After scaling a wall, she stopped and sat at the top, staring out over the fields that surrounded Novus, struck by the beauty of the entire place. She then slid carefully down the side and rolled into a standing position at the bottom. Her eyes fell once again on the group of men, and she spotted Robert in the lead of the group. She grinned, waved, then turned back to the capital and jogged back. Instead of going to the gate, however, she went to the wall, carefully climbing up. A few drowsy soldiers on guard duty were quite alarmed when Ellara sprang up and one of them actually tackled her, but upon seeing that she carried no weapons, he immediately helped her up and apologized profusely. Unperturbed, Ellara quickly forgave him and proceeded to tell the men a few jokes, with which she spread the energy growing inside her, and to which they fell into uncontrolled bouts of laughter. Leaving them in this state, the lady dropped to the other side of the wall and closed her eyes.

What a wonderful life, indeed!

Picking back up the pace she'd taken before exiting the city, she walked into the wealthier, upper part of town, where the nobles and rich men slept soundly. She did encounter one woman, who asked who she was and why she was in such a good humor. Ellara explained herself, and the woman, probably in her late thirties, shared a story with her about her first spring solstice in the city. Laura then told her a tale that was told in her hometown on the holiday, a silly story of love, which delighted the older lady. She informed Ellara that she was going to tell all her friends and her children as well, and Laura bowed and thanked her.

"Child, continue as you are, and spread your love to the whole city, then let them spread it to the world. You have brightened my day ever before the festivities, and I will be interested to see how you change this year's celebration."

With this, they parted, and Ellara descended down to the middle of the city, where she went into the market and helped some people get their tents into working order. When she told an elderly woman of her position after helping her collect a series of necklaces she had dropped, the woman offered her one that matched her tunic, refusing to let Laura give it back. Ellara then slipped a silver coin to her counter and made an exit, stopping some distance away to put the trinket on.

Her trip to the lower city was perhaps the merriest. She came across a pair of older gentlemen whom she'd met at her job while they were playing a game of checkers. After having the game explained to her, one of them gave up his seat and Ellara quickly bested the other. The two men clapped her on the shoulders, one of them nearly knocking her over, and then they all chuckled before she waved and they parted. Further down, she met a group of young women and teens washing their clothes. Ellara sat and took care of one woman's basket, listening to their stories of secret and superficial romances. When they asked Laura to share, she shook her head, smiling and shy. They all laughed and splashed her with water, so she fled, grinning as their laughter grew fainter. It wasn't long before she stumbled upon a group of children who all seemed to be doing something so they could make merry later. Ellara showed the boys how to carve the branches they'd found so they looked more like swords, and she told them all the same story from before. She then took the time to join them in a game of leap frog before she asked them if they would excuse her. Only after each child had hugged or kissed her would they let her leave, and Laura's mind churned with gentle happiness.

Ellara walked back to the barracks and sat with the soldiers who, at the pink hours of sunrise, were eating breakfast, and exchanged some banter and chit-chat with them. Each of them winked and nudged her, asking who her sweetheart was, but Ellara laughed away the joking offers. The soldier who she had startled out in the fields sat beside her and asked, "Well, is it all that difficult for someone like you to find company?" She gave him a threatening glare and the men all snickered. He looked away sheepishly and she let a smug smirk twitch onto her lips. "I choose to remain alone because silly little boys like you aren't worth my time." The table erupted into laughter and Ellara grinned, smacking him on the back and shaking her head. Very funny!

The table must have been causing quite a bit of ruckus, because they were soon joined by other tables. The seat on Ellara's other side, which had been empty, was filled by a familiar face: Robert. Ellara was surprised when the soldiers all greeted him with "Robby," something she didn't even call him. At first, Ellara was mildly uneasy with him so close to her, but it took little time for her to loosen up and laugh with the soldiers and him. At one point, the entire place had broken into chaotic jubilee, and a commander came over to put the men in their places, but when he saw that Robby and Ellara were the cause of it, he quickly shrank back, his face rather pale and his eyes somewhat annoyed. All too soon, it seemed, the breakfast was over and the men were called back for their daily training. Laura stood and watched them go, then smiled to herself and began to help clean up the mess the young men had left.


2 Re: Spring Solstice [533 YOI] on Sun Aug 22, 2010 8:12 pm


As he walked through town during such a bright and happy day, Zimri had the urge to sing. Ah what the hell? I'm up early, it's beautiful out, and its not like anybody could stop me. What should I play... ah yes, that might work... Zimri then took out his lute and tuned it as he walked, before starting the song.

"In the days of my youth, I was told what it means to be a man,
Now I've reached that age, I've tried to do all those things the best I can.
No matter how I try, I find my way into the same old jam."

As he sang the first part of the song, ZImri danced around in one of the various town squares near the army barracks, and danced along with the song. WHen he sang about doing things as a man should, he ran up behind a young waitress serving some men, and sang in her ear before slapping her in the rear, and dancing off.

"Good Times, Bad Times, you know I had my share;
When my woman left home for a brown eyed man,
Well, I still don't seem to care."

During the next part, he jogged around the town, singing as he went, and fake-crying-and-wiping-his-eyes during the sad parts.

"Sixteen, I fell in love with a girl as sweet as could be,
Only took a couple of days 'til she was rid of me.
She swore that she would be all mine and love me till the end,
But when I whispered in her ear, I lost another friend, oooh. "

As he sang the chorus again, he had an idea and began making his way towards the army barracks just in time for the next part. This should be good He entered the base right during a lute-solo, jumping and flipping over a wall near the back, before running around the base, with the front entrance as his eventual goal.

"Good Times, Bad Times, you know I had my share;
When my woman left home for a brown eyed man,
Well, I still don't seem to care"

During the time Zimri spent singing, he was running through the base, which attracted a lot of attention, prompting several of the soliders to begin chasing him. He then decided to break for the mess-hall, and burst through the doors a few seconds ahead of the people chasing him. He started cartwheeling through the mess-hall, still somehow playing the guitar, winked at Ellara, and then burst back out of the other door, the guards following after him. He then made his way to the front gate, and backflipped onto the top of it, before singing the final verse while dodging arrows.

"I know what it means to be alone, I sure do wish I was at home.
I don't care what the neighbors say, I'm gonna love you each and every day.
You can feel the beat within my heart.
Realize, sweet babe, we ain't ever gonna part."

That means you and I are gonna have a lot more fun over the next few years, Mr. Guards! Just remember, you can't stop me from having a little fun. Well, see you at the festivities tonight!

Zimri then did a triple back flip off of the gate, before landing on the other side, and taking off through some alleys, quickly losing the guards. Huh, that girl in the base wasn't too bad looking. Hope I get to see her tonight, heh....

(So, if it isn't clear, the aqua is him singing a song, while the green is just him talking...)

3 Re: Spring Solstice [533 YOI] on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:04 pm


Ellara had been close to done and putting away the rag she'd been given after she'd insisted that she was going to help even if she had to steal someone's shirt when she heard singing outside. She listened, her lips tight, then she giggled as she heard footsteps. Whoever it was that was singing was also creating an angry mob to bunch up behind him. Carefully, she put away a plate, and as she was walking toward the door from across the room, it burst open, a young man flying through. He was, apparently, the source of the chaos, as behind him ran a group of soldiers and guards. They all seemed frustrated for some reason, but Ellara couldn't understand what their fury was aroused by. When the stranger winked at her, she grinned, falling into a steady pace within the mob, blending into the soldiers surrounding her.

She kept pace with him and scaled the wall like he did, but instead of continuing down to the other side, she stopped and sat on the edge, staring after him, laughing to herself. He seemed jolly, and was probably looking to do exactly what he'd just done: cause a mess. Pushing her bangs out of her eyes, she traced his route through the city. One of the soldiers knelt beside her and, quite frustrated, asked, "Why did you let him go, my lady? I saw you this morning - You could've run him down in a heartbeat, and kept pace with that sly little cheat. I bet you'd have given that bastard a run for his money!"

Ellara was startled when the guard used such vulgar language over the other man. She frowned. "And why would I do that? He's done nothing illegal from what I can see. He's been having fun, which I think should be more encouraged. And yes, I probably could have caught him, but then what would I have done?" The soldier just shook his head, and Ellara shrugged. There's really no reason for this kind of reaction. What a bunch of stiffs! They all need to get laid. But she laughed even as she was thinking this to herself, simply because she couldn't talk. At all. Oh, what a silly child am I! Standing, Ellara gently brushed dirt and dust off the seat of her pants before calmly turning and walking off. She returned to the barracks, saw that Robby was missing, and smiled to herself. Well I avoided anything he might have had to say! After rubbing her neck and thinking about what else she needed to do, she left the building and began wandering the streets again.

Throughout the day, Ellara wandered, talking with people and asking about the funny bard that had streaked through the cafeteria. Most people, she found, thought him annoying and rude, although Ellara didn't really understand why. She supposed he had a different kind of humor. Misunderstood? She wasn't particularly concerned. If he did something illegal, that would be one thing, but otherwise she didn't care. And Ellara was one that didn't want to fight unless it was necessary, meaning she wasn't going to act on his silly actions unless he took things way way way WAY too far. Her mind thus made up, she wandered through the town, trying to blend into the crowds of busy people. Everyone was trying to prepare for the festivities that night. Entering the lower district, she heard familiar singing and grinned. Well, what d'ya know? She wove through the throng of bodies and stopped out where she could see.

She had to admit, he was pretty intriguing.


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