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[Race Competition]

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1 [Race Competition] on Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:10 pm


So I've been thinking about our current setting and the kind of peoples and races contained therein. We all know about the Novustrals, Celisians, and Kracians. When I made this Rp forum though I had in mind to have more than three races populating the game world. Of course some would be stranger than others, some bordering on being non-human. And if you find yourself in a situation were your creation isn't human that's fine as well, but make it somewhat related to humanity. I'll be putting up a beast competition next week for things that are too out there to be considered human, so just keep that in mind if you come up with something awesome and save it for later. Keep in mind that these "Humans" can have various lifespans, features, cultures, pretty much anything you want. So have fun! There is a template you can us below.


[b]Picture:[/b] [Optional, but it would be nice to have.]
[b][font=Arial Black]= Physical Information =[/font][/b]
[b]Species:[/b] [For the rest of the Biological Classification you can use pre-made information by searching on google, or create your own.]
[b]Order:[/b] Primates
[b]Average Height:[/b]
[b]Average Weight:[/b]
[b]Hair Colors:[/b] [List from left to right in order starting with the most common and ending with the rarest.]
[b]Eye Colors:[/b] [List from left to right in order starting with the most common and ending with the rarest.]
[b]Skin Complexion:[/b] [List from left to right in order starting with the most common and ending with the rarest.]
[b]Hardiness:[/b] [Can your race live in harsh environments? Are they weak when it comes to that? Also includes immune system.]
[b]Strength:[/b] [How strong are they? Can they become?]
[b]Agility:[/b] [How fast can they run? How fast can they move?]
[b]Intelligence:[/b] [How smart are they? Do they have abstract thought?]
[b]Reflexes:[/b] [In animals, reaction time to visual stimuli is typically 150 to 300 milliseconds. How fast can your race react to stimuli?]
[b]Longevity:[/b] [How long they live]

[b][font=Arial Black]= Culture and Civilization =[/font][/b]
[b]Origins:[/b] [Where did they come from?]
[b]Language:[/b] [What sort of language do they have? Is it related to any existing ones?]
[b]Advancement:[/b] [How advanced are they? Do they live in kingdoms? Tribes? Are they stone age? Bronze age?]
[b]Lands:[/b] [Were do they live?]
[b]Diet:[/b] [What sort of foods do they eat? What foods can't they eat? What foods can they?]
[b]Mating:[/b] [Do they mate for life? What kind of relationships do they have with the opposite sex? Can they mate with other races? Which ones?]
[b]Family:[/b] [What sort of families do they have? Do they have families? How are children raised?]
[b]Stereotype:[/b] [If you could stereotype them how would you do it?]
[b]Religion:[/b] [What kind of religion do they have? Do they have a religion?]
[b]Morals and Ethics:[/b] [How do they treat each other? What are the taboos of society? How are they supposed to act?]
[b]Rituals:[/b] [How do they get married? Divorce? Is there marriage and divorce?]
[b]Holidays:[/b] [What sort of holidays do they celebrate? Why? How did they get started?]
[b]Relations with other Races:[/b] [How do they interact with other races?][b]History:[/b]

Fill this sheet out and post it.

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2 Re: [Race Competition] on Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:26 pm


Name: Amberites
= Physical Information =
Species: H. amberus
Genus: Homo
Family: Hominidae
Order: Primates
Description: Very thin and weak, but wear very strong protective suits enhanced to make them stronger
Average Height: 6'2"
Average Weight: Without Armor: 85lbs, With Armor: 135lbs
Hair Colors: No Hair
Eye Colors: Grey
Skin Complexion: Light gray, medium gray, dark grey
Hardiness: Weak constitutions and have to move from above to below ground in cycles to keep from overheating/freezing, but have very good immune systems
Strength: They are typically very weak, but the mechanisms in the suits make them as strong or stronger then the average Celisian
Agility: They move at speeds just slightly slower then a normal Celisian/Kracian half-breed
Intelligence: They have an average IQ of 165
Reflexes: Their typical reaction speed is around 1.5 times that of a Celisian, but some have custom modified suits that make it as high as 3 times.
Longevity: They have an average life span of 100 years

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: The furthest records of their history seem to indicate that they evolved from a similar ancestor as the Kracians, but a tragedy befell them and they hid underground, atrophying, centuries before the Celisians arrived.
Language: Their language is a mixture of clicks and vowel-like noises, although they can easily learn and speak all other known languages
Advancement: They are much more technically advanced then the Celisians and have mastered basic technologies, allowing their suits, as well as more advanced things such as gunpowder and steam power.
Lands: They live far to the West, and only rarely venture to Celis and Novus to trade.
Diet: They eat mainly fruits and breads, and they refuse to eat meat of any kind
Mating: They can only mate by removing their suits, and then it proceeds in a fashion similar to that of Celisian mating.
Family: They're family structure works similarly to that of Celisians.
Stereotype: That they are cold, scary boogeymen who have no understanding of normal life.
Religion: No religion
Morals and Ethics: They all have strong moral in regards to commitment, and almost always see projects out to an end. To do otherwise is one of the greatest crimes in their society.
Rituals: They get married after a 5-year-process of scientific collaboration, after which they show their results and get verification by the elders.
Holidays: They have a symposium every 3 years, in which everyone in the society is free to show the community their inventions and other research.
Architecture: Underground they have tunneled out the rock and dirt, while above ground they used lumber from the nearby forests and imported from Celis. They also use metal in construction of their more important buildings.
Clothing: They only wear their suits, as the only time they take them off is to mate. The suits are made from a strong, lightweight metallic alloy and has springs and the such to increase strength and the like.
Relations with other Races: They have a cold-peace with all other known societies, but relations have tensed with the Novustrians after they started the second Novustrian war.
After their early society was destroyed by an unknown assailant, they retreated to an area to the west, and went underground. Their they began farming with light-opening in the ceiling, and slowly grew slender from lack of need for muscle. They spent a lot of time studying and learning, soon discovering strong, lightweight metals and began creating suits for the adults of the civilization. They were then able to move onto the surface, and began working on a dual-area civilization, with part above and part below. As time went on they were attacked by the Novustrians, who viewed them as foreign, but used their new invention of gunpowder to rout them, and then established a cold peace with both sides agreeing to non-aggression. They first encountered the Celisians on a trading mission, and soon set up trade routes by which they come every year or two and trade various precious metals and building equipment in exchange for lumber and crops.

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Picture: Female / Male
Name: Valyrns
= Physical Information =
Species: R. yeritus
Genus: Reulya
Family: Arivous
Order: Primates
Description: Valyrns are rather short people, generally thin with mild muscle, also having light skin and light hair. Their dark eyes are slightly angular.
Average Height: Male: 4’8” Female: 4’9”
Average Weight: 87 lbs.
Hair Colors: Honey blond, bleach blond, white, strawberry red, black.
Eye Colors: Dark red, navy, dirty gold, green.
Skin Complexion: Cream, ghostly white, beige, khaki.
Hardiness: Despite their size, their muscles are incredibly tight, and their bones are reinforced with iron that naturally occurs during their growth. They prefer to live in the cold, although they will occasionally venture to milder temperatures. Their immune system is only experienced in the diseases they have built immunities to – Any new disease could wipe them out completely.
Strength: Most Valyrns are as strong as their parents at birth. Extreme conditioning will render some mild results, but otherwise they do not become stronger.
Agility: Valyrns are not sprinters, and are easily outrun because they become short of breath quickly.
Intelligence: While they are not good at arithmetic and writing, they excel in brainstorming. Valyrn architecture is triumphantly beautiful, and very inclusive of different elements. Their artists are also the most forward-thinking to be found.
Reflexes: 700 ms response – They are mentally too laid back to respond to stimuli rapidly.
Longevity: They live from 50-70 years on average. One child from every generation will live longer, for around 100 years. These are called Vahyrrn.

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: They depart from a small island far to the South, which is still their home country.
Language: Before coming to Altarra, the Valyrns had no written language. Instead, they used a sign language, which they have now abandoned for the Common tongue.
Advancement: Technically, the people live in tribes, but all tribes answer to a series of representatives, or the Vahyrrn. They are advanced in usage of metals and their knowledge of machines is surpassing, but they choose to utilize conventional methods to create and build.
Lands: Erris, southern waters; Krace; Celis.
Diet: Their diet consists mainly of meat, which is needed to maintain their body structures. They cannot digest cellulose, so they don’t eat any plants found on the northern continents, although their homeland has certain types of plants that they can handle eating.
Mating: Valyrn society is matriarchal, because women tend to be larger than men. Men can take multiple lovers, but usually choose not to, and partners choose to leave as they tire of their lovers.
Family: Children always are under the father’s care. Every child goes through military training, but otherwise education is up to his or her parents. Since children can fight as well as or better than their parents, they often rule the household. Drawings on walls, sculptures, and other results from creative bursts are common in the homes.
Stereotype: Artistic midgets.
Religion: Valyrn peoples do not follow a deity, but all commonly believe in a greater force than them.
Morals and Ethics: For some reason, the Valyrns will never touch each others’ hair, and for this reason it is generally kept short or shaved off. It is considered disgusting to touch another’s hair. However, otherwise, the whole society sees each individual as their own person with their own ideas, and is very tolerant toward new ideas.
Rituals: Marriage and divorce do not exist.
Holidays: They do not celebrate holidays or birthdays, but have many parties in the absence of these celebrations.
Relations with other Races: Because they are so laid back, the Valyrns are often the ones to take the fall for other races. They are friendly, but they do not tolerate someone challenging one of their own personal beliefs.
History: The Valyrns originally evolved from a group of small people who moved to the island in exile. Where these ancestors were from was never recorded, but the Valyrns themselves have not fought in wars, for they always retain neutrality as a nation. Their history has been quiet, with few outbreaks. One civil war occurred in year 12 as they fought over whether or not to join a war, but it only lasted 3 months.

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Name: Formics
= Genetic Information =
Species: H. formicia
Genus: Homo
Family: Hominidae
Order: Primates

= 'Pawn' Physical Information =
Description: Short, burly, and hairy, the Formics are a stark contrast with normal Celisians.
Average Height: 5'3"
Average Weight: 180lbs
Hair Colors: Brown, Orange, Red
Eye Colors: Brown, Blue, White
Skin Complexion: Burnt Orange, Brown
Hardiness: One of the hardiest races known, they can live almost anywhere without much difficulty.
Strength: They are stronger then Celisian, but not much.
Agility: They move about as fast as a Celisian
Intelligence: They have a very limited intelligence and almost never make conscious decisions
Reflexes: They have a reaction time similar to that of a Celisian
Longevity: They live an average of 30 years.

= 'Queen' Physical Information =
Description: Large, fat, hairy, and almost un-moving, they have never been seen by anyone other then their own species
Average Height: 7'0"
Average Length: 20'0"
Average Weight: 3000lbs
Hair Colors: Black
Eye Colors: White
Skin Complexion: Brown
Hardiness: Extremely resilient, they could live in a volcano as long as their hair didn't catch on fire.
Strength: Is capable of lifting a boulder the size of a small house.
Agility: Non-mobile
Intelligence: On of the most intelligent organisms that exists, their average IQ of 200 is somewhat tempered by having to control hundreds, if not thousands, of organisms.
Reflexes: They have a reaction time around 3 times faster the na Celisian, which stems from so much sensory input.
Longevity: They live an average of 200 years.

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: They evolved from a common ancestor of Celisians, but evolved with a hive-mind
Language: They have no language, using pheromones to communicate/command each other, but can speak the common trade language if needed.
Advancement: They have not advanced beyond swords and shields
Lands: They live in the eastern mountains
Diet: They hunt the mountain animals
Mating: The queens mate with the pawns to constantly make new pawns, but produces a new queen once every 50 years.
Family: No families, pawns are born fully formed and queens have genetic memory.
Stereotype: Short, disgusting barbarians who can't think.
Religion: No religion
Morals and Ethics: The Queens treat each other with respect, and are allianced as one civilization
Rituals: No marraige.
Holidays: No holidays.
Architecture: Caves
Clothing: Leather and chainmail
Relations with other Races: They mainly keep to themselves, but will make smal exploration forays into other lands.
As far as their memory reaches back, they were a war-like race, fighting with the beasts and animals in the mountain and forest beyond, trying to survive. When they first discovered other intelligent life, they first made war, but soon decided they needed no more enemies, and instead set up trading and established friendly relations, but they do not interact much.

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Name: Kidona
= Physical Information =
Species: K. kidonia
Genus: Kidia
Family: Homindae
Order: Primates
Description: With slightly 'melted' looking features, they are both similar-looking and disturbing to the normal Celisian.
Average Height: 6'2"
Average Weight: 150lbs
Hair Colors: Brown, Black, Reddish brown.
Eye Colors: Blue, Brown
Skin Complexion: Pinkish, tanned, dark
Hardiness: Fairly hardy, they derive alot of energy from the sun, so don't do well in the dark
Strength: They are as strong as a normal Celisian
Agility: They are about as fast as a normal Kracian
Intelligence: They have an average IQ of 100
Reflexes: Their reflexes are slightly faster then a Celcian's
Longevity: They live about 80 years

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: They evolved from a similar ancestor as the Kracians and Amberites, but started living on the plains and evolved as such
Language: Their language is similar to the Kracian's original language, and they all also know Celisian.
Advancement: They are less advanced then Celisians, but are not far off.
Lands: They live in the northwest plains, about half-way between Celis and Novus
Diet: They eat mainly plains-grass and also derive some energy from Vitamin D absorbed from the sunlight
Mating: They mate in a way similar to Celisians
Family: Their first sons are always heirs, second sons are soliders, and third sons are priests. The rest get to pick their own job.
Stereotype: Religious Fanatics
Religion: The priests are the highest-class citizens, and the word of the highest priest is taken as law throughout the whole civilization. They are monotheistic, but refer to different aspects of their God by different names to reflect his multi-facted nature
Morals and Ethics: They treat each other in a way similar to that described int he ten commandments.
Rituals: They're marriage rules are similar to that of Celis
Holidays: They have mainly religious holidays, in which the enite populace takes the day off.
Architecture: They live in leather-tents grouped together on the plains
Clothing: They wear leather and cloth
Relations with other Races: They are friends with all races excepts the Novustrians who they regard as brutes who refuse to follow the rule of God, and the Amberites who they regard cautiously.
They strongly believe in their religon, and they have gone to war over it many times in the past. They are typically cheery, but when someone breaks their religious rules, they respond ferociously and with no hesitation, bringing vicious war upon them. They have fought with the Novustrains in 4 separate conflicts, which always end after they have taken the correct number of lives in payment, and then fought off a return-attack. They have also fought the Formics once, although the Formics soon apologized and made friends with them. They once almost went to war with the Celisians, but quick diplomatic work brought the situation under control, and the two civilizations have been friends ever since.

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Name: Faelites
= Physical Information =
Species: H. Adipiscor.
Genus: Homo.
Family: Hominidae.
Order: Primates.
Description: The Faelites are born in sets of two characterised by male twins. They are almost always born to an unwilling mother and have a particularly short gestation period, from which another pair of twins are born. They are born with an extremely good ability to learn and expand their knowledge of the world. Usually Faelites are born with blond hair and blue eyes, but it can change due to the race from which they were born. They are muscular and take on some of the traits of their mothers race to blend in enough to mate again. In summary the Faelites live for almost nothing more than to make more Faelites, and they spread extremely quickly. This coupled with the fact that they are extremely resilient to harm, makes the only thing keeping them from spreading out of control the Durgans and their low longevity.
Average Height: 6'0 Is the average but one male is always slightly smaller than the other.
Average Weight: 160 lbs. See above.
Hair Colors: Light Blond, Blond, Dirty Blond, Red, Brown, Black.
Eye Colors: Blue, Dark Blue, Hazel, Green, Brown.
Skin Complexion: White, Dark, Brown.
Hardiness: Faelites have a very good immune system and are very resilient to physical damage. They can live everywhere their prey live, which constitutes most living hominids. Wounds that would disable normal Celisians would only hamper Faelites, although this hardiness is balanced out by the short amount of time they live.
Strength: Faelites are of an average strength depending on how much work each independent Faelite wishes to put into becoming stronger. Although some Faelites can become stronger than others and the average Celisian, by being born to a stronger hominid. Taking on characterisitcs of their mothers stronger race.
Agility: Faelites are rather good at running and getting out of the way of things. They are born with great stamina that only increases with age, and then in the later years begins to dwindle again. Faelites can become very good fighters and use this to their advantage while trying to take a mate.
Intelligence: Intelligence is something that Faelites in no way lack, they are very good at learning new things and implementing them into their lives. Although some things they can not easily comprehend, like the thing other raises call a "Conscious". Since they operate coldly and without mercy, often mistaken for just running on basic instincts. They make calculated and well thought out decisions. Not only do they learn quickly but they have a genetic memory, knowing the things that many past generations knew. Making them extremely dangerous.
Reflexes: They are almost twice as fast as normal humans when it comes to reacting to visual stimuli. They can see, hear, or feel something and act quickly and efficiently.
Longevity: Most Faelites live three to five years, although once in a great while Faelites will be born as triplets. The third baby can live for up to fifteen years, but his children lack the quick gestation period of his brothers.

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: No one knows exactly where the Faelites originated from including the Faelites. Some guess that they are descendants from the Celisians ancestors from long past, but this has been discredited due to their extremely strange nature.
Language: Faelites are able to quickly pick up the languages that their mothers know. They are also born with a genetic memory and automatically know their races ancient language. And any other language that their ancestors from a few generations back might have learned.
Advancement: Faelites are as advanced as the civilization they are born into.
Lands: Altarra.
Diet: The majority of the Faelites diet consists of meat, although plans will also be consumed. Faelites have a disposition for the meat of other human races and hominids. Some speculate that they need the flesh of others to live, but nothing has been proven.
Mating: Faelites find a strong female of the race they were born into, or of a race they are near. Once they find a strong smart woman they get her alone and rape her, leaving the area slowly there after. The woman becomes pregnant and gives birth after 3-4 months to baby twins. These twins will reach maturity within eight months and are capable of mating after four.
Family: Faelites run away from home at an early age and don't have a family life. The only people Faelites are loyal to are other Faelites, especially their brothers. They are known to go through extreme measures to protect each other and make sure they survive.
Stereotype: Flesh Eating Rapists.
Religion: No one knows if the Faelites have a religion, if they did though it would be dark and sadistic.
Morals and Ethics: They treat each other with respect especially the smaller brother to the larger. Although when it comes to relations outside of their own kind, they are thoughtless and cold, unless it is to their benefit to play a role.
Rituals: The only ritual the Faelites seem to undertake is the consumption of human flesh.
Holidays: Unknown.
Architecture: None.
Clothing: Depends on the Faelites host nation.
Relations with other Races: They rape and eat the women of other races, and are not looked kindly on. Considered abominations in many other cultures.
History: Not much can be said about the Faelites history since they have been doing what they do best for so long.


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Name: Durgans
= Physical Information =
Species: H. durga
Genus: Homo
Family: Homindae
Order: Primates
Description: Built like a normal Celisian women, the Durgans are also somewhat possessed of higher beauty on average, although why that is, nobody knows.
Average Height: 5'10"
Average Weight: 120lbs
Hair Colors: Brown, blond, black, red
Eye Colors: Blue, brown, green
Skin Complexion: Fair, slight tan, normal tan
Hardiness: They are about as hardy as a Celisian and can live most everyone a Celisian can
Strength: They are about as strong as a Kidonan
Agility: They are about as fast as a Celisian
Intelligence: They are an average smarter then Celisians, but not by much
Reflexes: They're reflexes are battle-honed and as such, are about the same as a normal Amberite with its suit on.
Longevity: They live about 90 years if not killed in battle.

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: They were originally more similar to Celisians, but breeding with other cultures has made them sort of an amalgamation, but extremely dominate traits from their ancient ancestors have kept them still similar to their ancestors but with the traits from whatever race fathers them.
Language: They speak Celisian
Advancement: They are as advanced as Celicians and live in a simular way
Lands: They live in the east, setting up homes wherever they can find the ground.
Diet: They eat similar foods to the Celisians
Mating: Every year, groups of Durgans travel to different civilizations and mate with the men before returning to Durga. When the children are born, they kill all of the males born.
Family: For the first few years of life, the children live in a large group with over-seers, but they get sent to military camp at the age of 8.
Stereotype: Man-using warrior women.
Religion: No religon.
Morals and Ethics: They treat each other like sisters.
Rituals: No marriage.
Holidays: Every year they hold a ceremony for the sisters going in, and coming out of, military training.
Architecture: Stone houses
Clothing: Leather, but war armor is steel
Relations with other Races: They are friendly with all races and trade with them, excepts the Faelites, with which they are locked in a pitched war that has gone on for centuries, keeping both civilizations in check.
Since they can remember, the Durgans have been fighting the Faelites, keeping them from invading other lands, and have been at a practical stand-still for the last century or so, with all conflicts ending in ties. They trade openly with all other nations, keeping the channels for obtaining genetics from them open.

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Travis, you would make a buncha rapists. P:

Okay, all joking aside, I think everyone might be done creating for now, but the deadline isn't until Sunday, so in the meantime, I might brainstorm and submit another.

I think Daniel's got the upper hand. Might have to change that. xD


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Name: Oerthians
= Physical Information =
Species: G. oerthia
Genus: Gigantus
Family: Homindae
Order: Primates
Description: As tower masses of muscle and fat, the Oerthians are some of the scariest looking creatures alive
Average Height: 19'6"
Average Weight: 3000lbs
Hair Colors: No hair
Eye Colors: Grey, Brown, White
Skin Complexion: Grey, green-grey, brown-grey
Hardiness: They are extremely hardy and can live almost anywhere, and rarely get sick.
Strength: Your average Oerthian could flick away a trebuchet stone as it flew towards them.
Agility: They aren't very fast, but can use their arms almost like crutches to swing about as fast as a normal horse's trot
Intelligence: Oerthians are not very smart, having an average IQ of 70
Reflexes: Their reaction time is just slightly below that of a human
Longevity: They live an average of 150 years

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: No one knows, as they do not keep written records. It is believed, though, that they have been around longer then any other known race.
Language: They have no language and are not capable of speech beyond loud shrieks. They instead communicate trough rough versions of charades.
Advancement: The extent of their technology is ripping a tree from the ground to beat you with instead of their fists.
Lands: Wherever they damn-well please
Diet: They mainly eat meat, and usually live in a place where they can hunt whenever they get hungry.
Mating: They only mate to maintain their numbers
Family: The children are raised by the father for 10 years before being set out on their own.
Stereotype: Giant stupid brutes
Religion: No known religon
Morals and Ethics: The only rule is to not squish each other too often.
Rituals: Through some sort of unknown method of communication, they have managed to always have exactly 256 members of their race, and babies are always born when another dies.
Holidays: None
Architecture: Whatever they can find
Clothing: None
Relations with other Races: They stay to themselves, and are known to have been convinced to help with physical labor after bribery, but are just as likely to squish you as to listen to you when you approach them, depending on their mood
The Oerthians have been around for as long as anyone can remember, and have always acted the same. They live wherever they can find food, water, and shelter, and act depending on their moods. The reason they always only have 256 members of the race, or even how they manage to keep it like that is unknown, because nobody has ever managed to ask the question without being squished.

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Name: Gangai
= Physical Information =
Species: E. gangai
Genus: Erectus
Family: Ophiacodontidae
Order: Pelycosauria
Description: Looking like a cross between lizards and squid, the Gangai are easily identifiable as being an aquatic species
Average Height: 5'4"
Average Weight: 125lbs
Hair Colors: No Hair
Eye Colors: Brown, Red
Skin Complexion: Dark Green, Green, Brown, Blue
Hardiness: They are hardy underwater, but when they venture to the surface, they cannot live without returning to water within 2 weeks.
Strength: They are about as strong as the average Celisian
Agility: Underwater they can move almost as fast as an arrow does through the air. While on shore, though, they move just slightly faster then a Celisian
Intelligence: They are about as smart as your normal Celisian
Reflexes: They react to stimuli about as fast as a Celisian
Longevity: They live an average lifespan of about 50 years

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: The Gangai are believed to have evolved from the same reptiles that gave rise to humanity, but they returned to the water shortly after gaining limbs.
Language: Their language is an intricate series of clicks that is easily hearable through the water, although most of them also know the standard trade language.
Advancement: They have metallic weapons, but don't wear clothes, and they appear to be at an equivalent to the iron age.
Lands: In the seaweed 'forests' in the river basin
Diet: They eat fish and seaweed.
Mating: They have sex in much the same way as fish do, with the female depositing eggs and the male fertilizing them.
Family: They live in standard mother and father pairs, raising the children as a pair.
Stereotype: Freaky fish people
Religion: They worship a 'Blessed Hydra'
Morals and Ethics: Their sense of ethics is similar to humans
Rituals: Their marriage ceremonies consist of a couple picking a long strand of seaweed and playing tug of war with the parents in turns, and then they all retire to relax and enjoy the rest of the day
Holidays: Various religious holidays
Architecture: They sleep in sea-caves but spend the rest of their time out in the open or in the seaweed forest.
Clothing: None
Relations with other Races: They trade with all other races, but other then that they tend to stay out of 'surface business' as they call it
The Gangai have lived in the ocean for millennia, but only started to venture to the surface in recent centuries. They still keep to themselves, but their existence is no longer and urban-legend.

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Eames Croft


Name: Dashkin a.k.a. “Biteys”
= Physical Information =
Species: H. Dashkrunis
Genus: Homo. (*snickers*)
Family: Hominidae.
Order: Primates
Description: Humanoid; have never truly been observed in the wild, more seen then disappeared. They possess a mane covering their heads entirety, leaving only their eyes to be seen, mouths if open. They have a row of extremely sharp teeth, thus they are carnivorous, mostly feeding on smaller animals within the shared habitat. Atop their heads are 2 horns, sizing different between males and females. Their torsos and arms are almost identical to humans, having only minimal hair across them, as well as the muscle make up to match, leaving their evolution to be questioned. Below the waist though, they’re covered in hair down to their feet. The knees of these beasts bend back, more like the back legs of a horse, but their footprints have shown evidence of toes and claws rather than hooves of any sort.
Average Height: 5’4
Average Weight: 140lbs
Hair Colors: Dark brown, black, blonde.
Eye Colors: White.
Skin Complexion: Very pale skin, shown to be a consequence of being nocturnal.
Hardiness: Shown to have an extremely strong immune system from what they’re known to eat. They live almost anywhere that water is a commodity. While appearing as human, they heal much quicker from lacerations, bruising and internal damage such as broken limbs and organ trouble.
Strength: Not much muscle mass shown, appeared to be more lean muscle than pure strength and size. Weaker than any Celisian, but about the same in terms of Kracians.
Agility: Extremely agile and quick, they can outrun even some horses. The woods seem to be their main grounds, as they can navigate the terrain easily, dodging trees and other obstacles in their path without so much as a hint of trouble, even at their sprint. Obvious links to their reflexes as being “superhuman.”
Intelligence: They possess no more enhanced technology than simple machines, but have a greater grasp on knowing nature and land. They are aware of weather patterns and animal migrations as far as Celisians have ever explored and possibly beyond. They seem more animalistic than human though, holding no real art in their civilizations.
Reflexes: Extremely good reflexes, being able to make any Celisian soldier look foolish trying to catch one. Also have great coordination- having unbelievable balance while moving on uneven surfaces such as cliffs or mountain regions.
Longevity: The oldest on record was 60 years of age.

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: Evolving from common ancestors of the Kracians, findings from anthropological sites have shown evidence they have been around Altarra longer than the Celisians. Being true natives of the lands show as a major possibility as it would explain their knowledge of the world.
Language: They rely on roars, growls and chirps in their language, showing no understanding in our own common. Conditioned though, they can understand certain words, but haven’t the vocal abilities to pronounce them, a step they lost in evolution.
Advancement: They are very simple, living in small huts made of mud and branches. They also possess no weapons of any sort, hunting with their own claws and teeth.
Lands: They remain in the temperate parts of Altarra, not being able to withstand the colds of the extreme north or south. While living in such a wide area, their small tribes have never been found due to their nocturnal habits as well as them not seeming to want being seen. While they choose to remain a mystery to us, our questioning them only grows stronger.
Diet: Having extremely sharp teeth, they are carnivorous as stated above, though a flat part on the back of them shows that plants can be devoured as well.
Mating: They show to have no more than a birthing relationship with the opposite sex, females caring for the young one as the males are only used to produce them. No interspecies breeding has been seen or recorded. It is believe to never happen, especially with the skittish behavior of these creatures around other intelligent species.
Family: A mother-cub relationship is around since birth, the mothers caring for their children until complete maturity. The fathers are more just for conception than having a part in their offspring’s life. They tend to stay apart from the families, but the entire family is always within one of the tribes.
Stereotype: Nocturnal Goat People.
Religion: None Recognized.
Morals and Ethics: One dominant Dashkin is usually in charge of the tribe. Dominance seems to have a strong correlation with the size of their horns. Now while all get along inside their tribes, the chieftain is the one who organizes migrations to follow their food sources as well as the weather, keeping the tribe safe. They seem quite playful within their small societies as well as within the woods and other animals. One was witnessed “throwing rocks at a bear then running away from it’s victim.” They seem to be “pranksters” with their own kind.
Rituals: None Recognized.
Holidays: None Recognized.
Architecture: Simple mud and wood huts to live in, otherwise none. They are home amongst the land and have almost no real “buildings” of any sort.
Clothing: They choose their fur and skin.
Relations with other Races: They choose to remain in the shadows, not really trying to be noticed by any others then themselves. They stick to their own kind, not wanting any attention from unwanted species, such as ourselves.

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Name: Garuda
= Physical Information =
Species: B. garudia
Genus: Bipeda
Family: Falconidae
Order: Falconiformes
Description: Looking like a mixture of bird and man, the Garuda have the ability to fly and can be commonly seen way up in the sky around mountains.
Average Height: 6'0"
Average Weight: 175lbs
Feather Colors: White, grey, brown, black
Eye Colors: Yellow, green, red
Skin Complexion: All are caucasian.
Hardiness: They are fairly hardy and can live anywhere they can fly to.
Strength: They area bout as strong as the normal Formic
Agility: In the air they area as fast as the Gangai are underwater.
Intelligence: They area bout as smart as the normal Celisian.
Reflexes: They have enhanced reflexes, sensing things almost immediately.
Longevity: They have an average lifespan of about 60 years

= Culture and Civilization =
Origins: They are believed to have evolved from Eagles that lived in the remotest parts of the mountains.
Language: Their language consists mainly of bird calls, but they can sound out the basic trade language.
Advancement: They do not use any tools, and live in large nests.
Lands: The highest parts of mountains.
Diet: They hunt for small prey on the mountains and plains, and will also eat fish they catch in rivers.
Mating: They mate much as birds do.
Family: They live together in 'nests' which are several families all living in one large bird nest.
Stereotype: Giant bird people
Religion: No known religon
Morals and Ethics: They treat each other as family.
Rituals: They get married similar to Celisians
Holidays: No known holidays
Architecture: Bird nests
Clothing: None
Relations with other Races: They are known for mainly keeping to themselves, and only coming to trade.
For as long as they can remember, the Garuda have lived on the mountains and have hunted for their food. They have never had any wars, as very few other races can make it to the areas they live.

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Hannibal: Amberites, Formics, Kidona, Durgans, Oerthians, Gangai, and Garuda. [7]
Eames: Dashkin. [1]
Ellara: Valyrns. [1]
Prowler: Faelites. [1]

Will be judged from 1-5.

There are currently ten submissions. I've taken the liberty to judge all of them and also to extend the competition until Friday of this week or until there are at least twenty race submissions. You all have permission to go back and edit your races depending on the scores they received.


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