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A Strange Encounter [May 1st, 533 YOI]

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1 A Strange Encounter [May 1st, 533 YOI] on Wed Feb 23, 2011 6:48 am

Prowler di Magerie

The boy watched from beneith his dark hood as two riders galloped past him down the road. He sad crouched in a small thicket of brush where the chances of him being seen were slim to none, especially when the sun was fast descending over the mountains. Guessing from the amount of activity on the road the boy gathered that he was getting closer to a village. A slight shiver passed through his body before he sent the cold he was feeling away. It had been a few hours walk from the coast and he soaked, that doubled with the fact that the nights cool breaze made sure he stayed wide awake. As the youngest of the group and the most physically adept at moving across vast swathes of land quickly, he had been chosen by the other men and women of the voyage to find help. His people had always been one of suspicion and uncertainty when it came to new things, and they didn't wish to just go asking anyone for help around the countryside. His task was to find a town and ask the leader or mayor there for assistance in their little dilemna. Moving forward through the small wood to the side of the road the boy moved quickly. A sense of urgency in his steps as he ran and dodged the tree's all around him.

Travelling for hours had finally brought his body to a stop. His stomach grumping he decided that he should eat the small meal that had been packed for him. Taking a seat he grabbed his pack by the strap and flung it on the ground before him. The boy had chosen a nice shadey spot to the side of the road, one that would make it harder for him to be noticed by the average passerby. Pulling out one of the chunks of stale bread he bit into it and chewed thoughtfully wondering what lay ahead of him in his journey. By his estimate he was only a few hours walk away from a populated area, and one that would probably have some sort of government that could assist him and his people. Shaking his head at his own nervousness he finished the bread and pulled his pack back over his shoulder. He continued his movement on the side of the road towards the village. At one point a flock of birds took flight from the underbrush around him, spooking not only the birds but himself. Letting out a briefness of air from his lungs he settled himself down by thinking of the dagger that hung at his waist. If anything were to happen he promised himself he would get away. At this point his people needed him and his life mean't little else.

Walking on he realized that a hazy smoke could be seen up ahead. A testimony to the village that he had guessed had been there. Unfortunately before he reached the village the woods ended and farmland stretched all the way to the protected wall surrounding it's center. Shirking off his air of stealth he moved from the edge of the wood back onto the road. He wondered if the strange blue symbols on his robe would give him away as an outsider. And he worried that perhaps that could endanger his mission. Although who could not have heard of the ones who wore the robes? It seemed unlikely that anyone wouldn't know about his people. They were well known from across the sea and he doubted that even this distance could sever that popularity. As he walked through the village gates he realized that he was receiving funny looks. These looks ranging from simple curiosity to fear of the unknown. He wondered what would become of him.

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Ellara was talking quietly to a soldier as they approached the new location of their battle when a commotion started behind her. Turning, she watched one of the Wolves Eames had asked to stay behind elbow his way through the throng of men, and though he kept glancing at her, she simply stood in place. By the time he reached her, he was disheveled and out of breath. Clapping a hand on his shoulder, she said patiently, ”Soldier, I do have a name, and might I suggest next time you use it, elsewise I’ll continue walking and you’d have to work doubly as hard.”

The man seemed less than amused, so he answered her bluntly with, ”Miss, there’s a stranger in the other village lookin’ for our leader. Rightly believe that’d be you an’ Eames.” Ellara nodded and dismissed him, then asked the man she’d been talking with to go tell Eames she’d headed back to check on some mischief and that, while she was sure she could handle it, if there were any issues she’d rather not have both of them maimed or dead. The soldier seemed amused and rushed off to find his commander, who was somewhere in the town up ahead.

Returning to the ashen village, the triumvir stepped carefully through the burning rubble, coughing as smoke choked her healthy lungs. Laura nodded to the few men she passed, heading toward a ring of heads with one at the center, on top of which was a matted lump of hair. As the men stepped aside to grant her a proper view, something about the boy’s attire caught her memory, as if a long-faded flower were trying to return to life somewhere in the depths of recollection. It couldn’t have been his everyday clothing – they were mangled and torn from abuse, and soaking wet. Stripping off her cloak and over tunic, she turned to the soldier beside her. ”I’m certain you can locate a spare pair of pants. See to it.” The young man’s eyes seemed to notice her for the first time after the command.

Handing him the tunic and cloak, she crossed her arms, trying to disguise the fact that her thin cotton shirt wasn’t protecting her against the cold very well as the sun sank toward the horizon. Once she’d cleared her throat, the small crowd dispersed, leaving her alone with the man-child. A quick assessment left Ellara with many questions. Obviously, he was from a bad situation judging from his tousled appearance. He couldn’t have been quite Ellara’s age, and she estimated him to be at least fourteen, but no older than nineteen. His soggy condition made it difficult to tell much else about him, but he didn’t look quite like anyone from Celis that she’d met. Extending a hand, she offered him a firm handshake.

”Hello. My name is Ellara, and I’m pleased to meet you. As Triumvir of this nation, I welcome you, although I’m not quite sure where exactly you come from. If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear about you and your situation… What’s your name? Where are you from? What brings you here? Forgive me if I’m being rude, but I can’t leave anything up to chance.”


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Eames Croft

Eames had been enjoying a nice, restful period of the day since he’d joined back up with the rest of the Cohort, or at least what had been left of them. Deciding to keep moving, he’d joined a small scout group and moved ahead of the main force, yet arriving at the small community ahead, he’d decided to take a seat and rest a bit while he still could. His eyes had just begun to close when he heard his name coming from the distance. With a small sigh, he pulled himself up off the ground and narrowed his eyes, watching the man jog towards him.

What is it…? Must be important if you have to run this far up just to get my attention…

As Eames listened to the soldier’s report, he gave a mild sigh and nodded, having to fulfill his duties really becoming a nuisance to him as he considered making it back to a bar his main priority at his point in time.

Alright, set up a post here and I’ll be back soon enough. Just… I don’t know, train?

With a shrug, Eames grabbed the reigns of one of the scout’s horses and began the quick ride back to the town. Passing through the lines of men, he slowed the horse to a trot. Giving a little wave, hearing some of their jokes and adding a couple of his own, he got back on track and continued the short gallop to the town. As he walked in, he glanced around the village, or at least what was still standing of the structures, and made his way towards the nice little group of people that was slowly dissolving as they were beginning to do what they were supposed to. He narrowed his eyes a bit to the passers-by, but he pulled his focus together and stood beside Ellara.

You look a bit cold, and no offense, please don’t be teasing the men like that.

He gave a quick wink and turned to the child that had joined their encampment, raising a brow.

The name’s Eames. First and foremost, please explain what you’re doing around here. I don’t think anyone has seen your kind ever, and we’re really curious as to what you even want.

He glanced back, seeing the few soldiers still behind trying their hardest not to keep looking over at the child, but he only shook his head and walked around the being, staring at the symbols that adorned the robe.

Perhaps start by mentioning what these mean?

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Prowler di Magerie

The boy was surrounded by a group of people speaking in a strange language and was forced to discontinue his movement. Looking around he raised his eyebrow wondering what these strange people were saying. All of them seemed to have a darker skin tone then himself and strange eyes. They were build differently as well, he wondered who they were and if they were friendly. He prepared himself briefly for an armed conflict, his fingers twitching slowly towards the concealed weapon within his cloak. Eyes flickering around nervously watching for any hostile movement. A rush of adrenaline shot through him and he started shaking slightly, he swallowed and forced himself to calm. He made himself remember his training and the various things his trainers and the elders had taught him. If something happened he would make it out. He had to.. his people depended on him now. A woman suddenly approached and walked directly to him, she also spoke the strange guttural tongue of the natives. She suddenly tried to hand him a cloak and some strange shirt like ware. He raises his eyebrow and shook his head slowly.

I can' la t capisce che cosa state dicendo e dubito che conoscete la mia lingua?

He continued to look around and then slowly looked over the woman. Surmising how much of a threat she might be. In the culture of his people the body guards of the Magus were traditionally females. These warriors would train from the age of a small child and be taught to give their lives for their Magus. This alone made the boy suspicious of just how dangerous the woman in front of him could really be. His eyes caught another flicker of movement as another approached. This one a man. He also tried to speak to him but it was of no use. This strange language that these people were speaking seemed familiar but for some reason he couldn't understand it. He also wondered why the woman had offered him mundane clothing.. in his culture offering a magus or an apprentice in training normal clothing besides their cloaks was considered a grave insult. He dismissed it though, knowing that these people probably knew nothing of him.

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Ellara glanced at Eames when the boy spoke. Slowly, she lowered her hand, frowning. The odd phrase kept tumbling through her brain slowly; it was alien, but familiar at the same time. Speaking to Eames quietly, she said, "I don't know what to make of this... I think... I think I know something about this language." Facing the boy, she continued to think, then waved away the clothing that was brought. "I apologize, but it seems he doesn't need clothing after all, even though I'm certain he does. Again, I apologize." Shrugging patiently, she watched the man walk away, then began to think of how his language was spelled. Suddenly, she remembered.

Turning toward him, she spoke with hesitation.

"Mi... mi chiam...o... Ellara. Sono tri...umvirato(?) di qua- I mean, questo... paese."

Biting her lip, she struggled to remember the scrolls she'd studied for hours on end. She could almost hear her mother telling her she was wasting her time. 'Well, mom! What do you think of me now?!' She shook her head to get rid of the thoughts. Returning to the task at hand, she said with little difficulty, "Come ti chiami?"

The more she tried to say though, the harder it was. Having only read the language she was only able to piece together how it sounded. It was probably painful for him to hear and she wanted to apologize, but now was not the time. Continuing, she finished her questioning, which was much more broken than asking his name.

"Di dove che? Che cosa... av..vete... bisogno? Chi eh... no, no... è... con te?"

By the time she was done, she felt like she had aged five years by racking her brain for the information she needed. 'Oh, joy. Now I have to figure out what he's saying too!' Groaning internally she ran a hand through her hair, listening to the boy's reply. 'You damn well better be worth this much stress. I've got enough as is.' She caught Eames's eye and nudged him in the side, whispering quietly.

"I think I'm going to get back to the capital and just drink until I die."


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Eames Croft

Hearing the foreign language from the mouth of the child, Eames just rolled his eyes. His met Ellara’s for a moment, but all he found to do was complete his circle around the young one. Rubbing at his eyes, he leaned down, examining the child once more before standing up and shrugging.

I don’t even know anymore. This has just been one crazy thing after anot-

His mouth just hung open a moment, listening to Ellara speak, or at least attempt to speak, the same language. Hearing a slight ‘uh’ pass from his lips, he quickly locked his jaw and bit his lip, quirking a brow as he looked at the woman he’d been fighting beside, and that ruled the place he lived. Closing his eyes, he rubbed at his brow and tried to see if he was dreaming, but hearing her utter another phrase, it left him speechless still. Trying for words once more, he gave up and just crossed his arms across his chest as they continued their little conversation.

Zoning out for a moment, he was jarred back to reality but the nudge as he glanced over at Ellara, smirking slightly as he glanced at the young then back to her.

You and me both, I’ll make sure to buy you a drink whenever it is we arrive.

Shaking his head, he glanced at the one now in their care and just shook his head. Sometimes, I just wish I’d stayed a clueless and carefree grunt. I swear, a drink and a promotion better be coming soon.

Turning to one of the subordinates that hadn’t been paying attention to the little one, he shrugged and waved him over, watching the man glance around before stepping over. As the man tried for words, Eames only stared at him; bringing him almost instantly silent.

Listen, get the men moving towards Novus. Tell the men double time or whatever, but they're going to get there soon. I’ll stay back here with them, just get the men back home and I’ll meet you there. Simple, eh?

Watching the man nod, practically glowing with joy at the thought of home, Eames smiled, glancing back at the woman and child, grinding his teeth slightly. Now what are we going to do, that drink is more than needed now…

So what's the plan now?

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Prowler di Magerie

The boy waited patiently as the woman before him seemed to be thinking of something rather important. He watched as confusion passed over her features and she seemed to be trying to understand something. He looked from the man and then back to the woman looking for any signs of hostility or dishonesty. After seeming to find none of these signs he relaxed noticeably but kept his hand on the weapon concealed beneath his cloak. His relaxation didn't warrant an excuse for him to let his guard down though, and so the boy made certain to stay alert and watch the people about him. Something he would be lucky for as time went by. The people within the village seemed to be starring at him even more openly than they had before. He wondered momentarily if it was considered rude in this outlandish place to stare, something that was viewed by all in his land to be a social enigma. His eyes drifted up towards the sky and noticed that sun was beginning to drop into it's resting place in the east.

Remembering that he had a mission to do he was about to try to communicate by drawing in the sand. Something caught him by surprise though, his head snapped up and his eyes caught hold of Ellara's as she began to clumsily speak his language. This was an occurance he doubted would happen when he had first arrived and watched the villager's dumb expressions. Although she was speaking his tongue it was obviously that she was not an expert on the language. She could understand and speak in it though and thats what was important. Listening he nodded slowly, it took a minute but he finally understood what she was trying to say without too much trouble. He chuckled and quickly replied in the same tongue.

"È con piacere che lo incontro Ellara, Triumvir di Celis. Provengo da una terra attraverso questo mare. Il mio nome è Prowler di Magerie. La miei gente ed io sono stati portati a questo posto su una grande nave che si è arrestata fuori dai vostri puntelli. Anche ora è ferita e necessitante l'attenzione medica. Posso mostrarlo."

Wondering if she would understand the more advanced aspects of the language he decided to hope. The boy turned to leave in the direction he had come but a commotion broke out on the other side of the street. A large man that was dressed up like a soldier and carried a sword at his hip arose out of the crowd. His blonde hair wavering and his crazy green eyes locking on Prowler. The man had a thin sheen of sweat covering his forehead and seemed to be walking a little precariously. This led Prowler to the conclusion that it was obvious the man was effected by spirits. Spit flying from his mouth he yelled at the boy from across the street. Although anyone with half a brain would have known that Prowler couldn't understand what was being said, the large man seemed to be oblivious to this fact and continued to speak.

"It's one of those dirty cloaked bastards we were fighting not but a few days ago. Can none of you see? It comes in the guise of a boy but I know better! This is one of those foul creatures of the night. One of these beasts dragged my brother into the darkness, his screams I can still hear. You let this abomination walk freely in the streets?!"

Prowler had no idea what the man was blabbering about but it seemed to be getting the attention of some of the villagers gathered about. Angry murmurs passed through the crowd, boy readied himself for a bloody fight that he doubt he would make it out of. The crowds murmurs were drowned out as the large man gave a scream of rage and pulled out his sword. Charging the boy, his legs kicking madly as he raced to get to Prowler. Each step put him a yard closer to the boy and to the crowd it seemed as if the boy would be gutted in the very place he stood. Prowler on the other hand had other ideas. He wasn't about to let these people kill the only chance some of his people had at survival. Opening his mind he let the will of Magerie flood inside him and fill him until he was busting with feeling. Dark tendrils danced across the pale skin that was visible beneath his shredded cloak and his eyes suddenly began to glow a bright blue hue.

Pulling out the short sword he had concealed behind his back he charged the foe that was so willing to put and end to his life. A flashback of his training suddenly came into his mind. A man stood before him watching him attack a servant with a wooden sword. His master spoke to him.. Each parry and thrust should be measured and precise. There is no margin for error. Each attack and maneuverer must flawlessly connect to the next.Suddenly Prowler was back before the man who happened to be careening right towards him. Two hundred pounds of raw warrior was headed straight at him with the intent to kill. Something had to be done. Prowler bought what little time he had and waited until the man was right on top of him before he stuck. Ducking out of the way of the mans downward slash, he side stepped away from the large brutish warrior. His own weapon danced skillfully under his opponents guard and laced itself between the mans ribs. The sharpened blade dipping into the mans abdominal cavity and spraying blood all over Prowler's face and hands.

Holding onto the blade tightly he let the mans own momentum send the wicked metal tearing through him. The blade almost cut the large man in half. The man's body hadn't even hit the ground yet before Prowler unleashed a giant wall of energy into the surrounding area. The force of the blast broke what little windows remained in the village, it sent everyone in the streets flying onto their backs, and it continued to do even more damage to the buildings about him. A bead of sweat gently rolled down his forehead and intermingled with the blood covering his face. The bead continued down and dripped directly in his eye but Prowler ignored it. The dark tendrils continued to dance and his eyes glowed like some sort of demon out of a child's tale. He watched those around him suspiciously his body now alert and in it's prime. This is what he was trained for from an early age. To Kill.

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Ellara breathed in deeply, not sure of what to do. The gist of what the boy had said was clear: he and his people were in need of help. To answer Eames, she said calmly, "They're shipwrecked somewhere nearby and need help. On one hand, it could be a trap. On the other hand, I feel like it would be bad for many reasons not to aid them." Glancing at the boy, she finished with, "His name is Prowler." Since he didn't really understand what they were saying, she didn't worry about insulting him. "The hell kinda name is that?"

She put aside humor and returned to the issue at hand. The only problem was that at this point, the Wolf Cohort probably needed just as much help as they did. Still, she felt obligated to aid these foreigners. It wasn't their fault the nearby seas were barbaric and unrelenting, and who knows what they were trying to do while travelling? These were all questions that would have to wait.

As she scrounged to find a simple reply, the boy started to walk away and she got ready to follow him, but a burly man who was clearly drunk staggered out of the crowd. Clenching her fists, she closed her eyes, hoping for the patience to deal with this infidel. But the idiot charged anyway.

Her studies had led her to believe that these people were merciless warriors. That they had supernatural ability. That they were consistently destructive and never to underestimate them. Therefore, when everyone else seemed to be pulling for a weapon, Ellara watched the boy carefully. Even as the aggressor approached, he remained calm. He was collected. Cool. Everything else was nothing and there was only the battle. Ellara knew exactly what was going on. The moment his skin crawled with that horrifying-yet-beautiful tinge of blue, she registered the notion. She dropped to one knee, defensively dropping her head and closing her eyes, bracing against an impact just in case. Her assumptions were all correct.

The blood hit her first, splashing across half of her as the boy blocked the majority of it. It bit into her hair and fell across her flesh, warm and thin like a drunkard's blood would be. She flinched. Then the blast hit her - a raw energy that would have knocked her several feet backwards had she not been prepared. Her hair was thrown out of her face, and she felt as if all the fury in the world had been collected and released right there. Even as she struggled to stand, her knees shook with a mixture of awe, terror, and anger.

And her wits returned to her.

The alien language poured out of her mouth. Unlike how any other person became flustered when they were upset, Ellara became more intuitive and calm. Taking the boy's shoulder, she turned him to face her, shouting.

"Stai cercando di fare nemici?!"

Her violet eyes were cold and she shoved him backward.

"Come immaturo! Per venire qui per chiedere aiuto e poi fare una cosa del genere! I vostri padri si vergognerebbero di voi per perdere il controllo come quello."

It was considered a grave insult and deeply shameful to dishonor the ancestors where he came from. Knowing this, she said what she did with all intentions of making him regret his actions.

Softening for a moment, she used the clean side of her sleeve to wipe the sweat off his face.

"Parlerò con i vostri capi su questo. Ora mi porti lì prima che accada qualcosa d'altro."

Even though the boy had done something awful, she knew that in his culture his actions were justified. Even so, when asking for help, you don't just kill people. Ellara's head ached. Pressing her palms into her eyes, she sighed, watching the colors and patterns dance behind her eyelids.

'I'm going to need a week off by the time this is over...'


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Eames Croft

Listening to the predicament the boy’s people were in, Eames only shook his head. Leaning back, he glanced once more at the kid and sighed.

This isn’t going to work right now. We don’t have the supplies and these men are basically worn down to the bone. We have nothing to offer them except a new place to suffer at until the heads up at Novus know about all of this.

Smiling at the comment about the name, he shook his head and thought a moment, scratching at the beard that had been growing since the day they’d left Sarsus burning.

I mean, we can have them follow us back? Armed escort will make sure they are safe from the people…

Hearing the ravings of a drunken soldier, Eames once again sighed and put his head into his hands.

I swear, if it’s not one thing… it’s another.

Watching the child show no emotion towards the ramblings, Eames raised a brow, curious as to what the being was thinking. He knew nothing of their habits, nothing even of their homelands from which they would’ve come here. Seeing the soldier draw and rush, Eames blinked out of his thoughts and screamed, HOLD DAMMIT! Seeing the glow from the child, his heart sank as his words began to escape him. The sight of his soldier dead in the blink of an eye didn’t help either though, as Eames began to take a step forward as the crimson liquid has covered the young one, but the blast of energy shot him straight to his back.

He let a moment pass, blinking at the sight of the sky before sitting up, praying to himself that all was a dream; though his anxiety built as it wasn’t. Seeing the Red child and the dead soldier, he shook his head and hopped to his feet, his anger building as he pointed to a couple soldiers off to the side, still trying to figure out what had just happened.

Get out of here NOW! Make sure these people leave as well. Someone talks of this, they won’t be talking much longer.

Glancing at Ellara, Eames only shook his head, his eyes growing cold as he took a breath to try and calm down.

I’m not keeping my men around here, they’re in no condition to help these people who hold these… powers. If you want, I’ll stay back, but the Wolves will be on the move to Novus. They cannot accompany them, I fear too much hostility as regardless of order, word will spread. Ellara, if you’ve got an idea, I’m really interested in hearing it.

Why couldn't the Angel Cohort have just taken this damn mission...

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Prowler di Magerie

Prowler looked about him and noticed faces mixed with fear and anger. The most overwhelming thing though seemed to be the blatant looks of surprise he was receiving. He pondered the reasons that these people were starring at him so. It wasn't everyday that he invoked the will of Magerie, and he felt as though his actions were warranted. The man shouldn't have attacked him, he was acting on a whim that he should not have. It was obvious that the drunkard that was now laying dead in the streets had little self control, least he would have not consumed so many spirits. Prowler turned about suddenly as Ellara grabbed his shoulder, beginning to shout at him in his own tongue. He regarded her just as coldly as she stared at him, and listened to the things that she had to say. Although what exactly she was trying to get at was beyond him. He hadn't realized that there would be such a spectacle and offense taken to him acting in self defense. Shoving him backwards he easily stepped with it and retained his balance. His eyebrows rose in a bit of surprise at her physical contact, especially something that was obviously done in anger. It seemed as if these people fought for the simple reason of anger and instinct. Something that Prowler had been trained not to do. A small smile appeared on his blood covered face as she spoke up his immaturity of his actions, and then of how his ancestors would be shamed because of him. Obviously this woman didn't know his ancestors very well.

"Nella mia coltura maggior l'offesa sarebbe presa al tocco che fisico avete amministrato appena, quindi la mia presa della vostra vita dei soldati. Poiché sarebbe veduto come se lo insultiate, quando ho richiesto semplicemente una vita per difendere il miei propri. Per quanto riguarda se stia provando a fare i nemici. Forse dovreste mantenere un regno più stretto sui vostri soldati e questa alterazione non avrebbe accaduto. Mi sono difeso semplicemente. O forse dovrei avere lo ho lasciato ucciderlo? Per quanto riguarda la maturità delle mie azioni, quello non ha attinenza quando la vita e la morte entrano in gioco. Ci è soltanto azione o morte."

He shook his head wondering how this woman could be so blind as to why he killed the man. He started to back away slowly wondering if there would be anymore trouble. Everyone seemed to be flustered and most were openly giving him hostile looks. The man that was with Ellara spoke in his foriegn tongue and the people began to disperse. The man seemed to be exceptionally agitated, but seemed to have himself under control. All the words Prowler had spoken had been said with the same cold calculating look he had when he had taken the mans life. Prowler was slightly annoyed at the way these people treating him. Ellara spoke about leaving and how she would speak to his elders about the matter. He should his head and spoke seriously.

"Sarebbe migliore se non accennaste che cosa ha accaduto. Meno miei anziani pensano di meno alla vostra capacità di condurre ed il senso che trattate con i vostri ospiti. Potrebbero persino prendere l'offesa quanto alle azioni che sono state autorizzate contro di me. È il senso della mia gente."

Having enough to do with talking he waited a moment and then struck out the way he had arrived. It was not the way of his people to talk so often when it came to the subject of fighting. When it came to war and combat in his land, there was only action and honor. Politics were more subtle in his culture. He used his sleeve to wipe the blood off his face, and then continued to do the same with his sword. Quickly re-sheathing it. He moved off a ways away from the man and woman and waited patiently for them.

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Ellara was in a grand state of disbelief when the saucy boy starting talking back to her. She worked very hard to put herself back in control. Glancing at Eames, she thought of the battle that had consumed their previous days and the state of mind he was in. Neither of them needed this. Putting her tunic back on, she wiped the blood off her hands that had been exposed in the blast, then took a deep breath. She forced herself to look down at the empty remains of the man that had once existed before she addressed Eames fully.

"Take the Wolves back to Novus. We'll rendez-vous there. I'll follow him and bring his people back to the Citadel. Unless their vessel is as magical as they are, the Citadel should be able to support them. Stop for nothing except rest. I'll see you there, I hope."

Her stress was gnawing into her bones and she felt absolutely helpless. 'Lords above, what did I do to deserve this? Four days without sleep, two of them fighting, a broken leg, then the worst messenger ever and even MORE people to help... I hope this is my fill of karma for a while.' Groaning, she forced herself to limp over to the boy, whose gaze was about as cold as an iced-over river. When she got to him, she drew her sword, slowly moving it toward his neck. It was non-threatening, several inches away due to the space between them, and she held no signs of trying to harm him.

"Prima di continuare, ho intenzione di insegnare qualche lezione in modo da non avere te e il tuo popolo uccisi in questo paese. E ovvio che la tua morale non sono niente come il nostro."

Ellara dropped her arm, letting the blade fall to her side. She kept her eyes calm, with the deep bags underneath supporting her next few phrases.

"Ho anche intenzione di spiegare qualcosa a te. Quegli uomini hanno marciato e combattuto per cinque giorni senza riposo. Questo non può essere molto al vostro popolo, ma non siamo benedetti con la magia, come sei. Sono tutti grandi guerrieri. Mi dispiace che sono stati attaccati da uno, ma qui quel tipo di difesa palese non è considerato molto buono. Sei nel mio paese e necessitano del nostro aiuto. Provate ad immaginare che tutti, qui è tuo amico. Far loro del male è male. "

The woman started off in the direction he'd been heading. She hoped he would wise up and not try to talk back to her since she really would be more likely to stab him than to forgive him again. 'Given my druthers, I'd rather walk the whole seaboard than have to talk to stay in the company of this brat. What are people to them? Oh yes, they're an advanced society. People are disgusting bugs, disposable. The only things that matter are... what? Bravery? Honor? Heritage? Ugh. How revolting.' Ellara valued those things too, but to her, a society where your honor came before someone's life was ridiculous. Sure, she'd take someone out, but she took them out with a purpose beyond defending her life and honor. She was more driven than that. They had to be threatening something she truly cared about, like her people. Or they needed to deserve the vengeance she was carrying out.

Either way, she was quite disgusted by the whole thing.

It wasn't long before something rustled in the bushes not far ahead of them. Her keen ears picked it up and, while she was hoping the boy might die, she pushed down her hatred for him. When the shadow-beast leaped out of the foliage, she had beheaded it ever before he could think about it. The move cost her though and she dropped to one knee, tears in her eyes. Glancing down at her leg she bit back horror, feeling that this emotionless child would only think of her as weak if she were to cry now. The fact that the split tibia was protruding out of her leg was irrelevant. Now all that mattered was finding the people and taking them to safety... and maybe it would help if she showed the little boy how strong she really was. Ripping off the sleeve of her shirt, she stood, relieving the strain on her leg. Her hands delicately pushed the bone back in through the cut and she quickly bound the wound shut, her teeth tunneling their own revenge into her taste buds. Spitting the blood out of her mouth, she glared at the young man. The one she'd killed was a scout.

"Abbiamo bisogno di uscire ora."


12 Re: A Strange Encounter [May 1st, 533 YOI] on Fri Mar 04, 2011 3:49 pm

Eames Croft

For a long while, Eames just sat down in the middle of the ground, not even a foot from where the soldier had been murdered by the short child. It wasn’t everyday that one saw this brand of cruelty, and memories of his capture ran through his mind for a moment. That kid… I hope his kind burns…

Finally getting himself pulled together, he stood up and realized he’d been sitting on his own for quite some time. Around him was emptiness, just the remaining visions of the last moments of a man’s life, but now it seemed like it’d happened long before. Brushing off the dirt from his back and legs, he slowly followed the road leading south and out of the hell hole of a village. Sighing, he closed his eyes as the sun covered his face, though it was only for a little bit before the clouds took the warm light from him and he was once again on his own. Feeling the cool breeze at his back, he pulled his shoulders up and began jogging, trying to figure out how far his men had actually gotten without him.

After a ways, a few townspeople and soldiers began to show up along the road, glancing at him as he ran through the little spaces he could to keep on his track. He easily twisted and turned his body, keeping his footing as he finally made his way back to the town he’d found himself in earlier, though now dark, it was certainly a nicer place to be than he’d been. His agitation had died out as well, not spiting the child as much, though it was still in his heart, but he let it pass as he did with the death of all his men, the child would be dealt with later on, and justly.

His men set up in the town for the night, getting the first real sleep they had in almost a month. The morning was almost exactly the same as the day before, the small fires cooking the remaining bits of food they could scrounge from the surrounding woods and what was left of the rations, then the cohort was back in motion, only a day from Novus, but Eames decided he’d be making it a little bit sooner, he had news to talk about. As the columns of men started moving in the morning light, Eames decided to get a scout group together, and on horseback, took to the open road and with light still left in the day, they finally laid their eyes back on the walls of Novus.

Never thought I’d be happy to see this place again!

The men he was with ignored his comment, but he only shrugged, a bright smile lighting up his face and he quickly made his way into the town and got himself a room at a hostel for the night, choosing a shower and a shave before giving any reports to the officials.

As he felt clean for the first time in a month, he pulled his military garb back on and made his way out to the Citadel, though having a soldier meet him at the door, he smiled, handing a letter over.

You sure about his, Commander?

A nod was all he gave in return, knowing that the leaders didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with him, but it was important that this issue was given priority over anything that was going on now. Eames joined the soldier in the main lobby, but when the soldier walked into the conference room and to the stand, Eames stayed back against the door. He smiled, knowing exactly what the letter entailed, and read it in his head:

On this day, the Wolf Cohort finally returns to the Capital of the Great Celis. Having lost many friends and fighters, the Wolves bring woe and possible success. While never destroying the massive force at Sarsus, the citizens were saved and are on their way to Novus with escort by the remaining members of the Wolves, Raisean Legion.

A problem has arisen, as a new people have arrived on our shores and wish for our aide. The newcomers do not speak basic language, but one of their own that seems known around Celis by very few. They wish for refuge, but are extremely powerful and a complete ‘Wild Card.’ They show possession of some sort of magic, something to be extremely wary of. On behalf of Triumvir Ellara, I wish them safe passage and entrance into the city walls as a showing of good faith as they could become great allies. Ellara trusts them, why shouldn’t we?

Eames Croft.

Smiling to himself as the questions began to come up to his peon, he slid out the heavy doors at the entrance and walked outside, gazing upon the night sky, once again forgetting how much time had passed. He knew they would have to be let inside, anyone who heard about the magic and power had to be at least some kind of curious. Staring north, he sighed, just watching the empty roads. Hurry up, Ellara…

((( Moving to Novus; New post in other board? )))

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