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= Introduction =
Long ago before there was Celis, a group of pioneers from a nearby Kingdom was sent across the great lake in search of new lands. They found a fertile inhabitable area and settled it, unfortunately their ships had been badly damaged and none could return. The parent Kingdom from which they came suddenly found itself at war, a war which severely crippled them as an Empire. This group of settled named their new colony Novus, and from their sprung the new Celisian Empire.
= Basic Information =
Country Name: Celis
Government Type: Triumvirate/Democracy
Population: 140,000
Army: [20,000] Regulars, [15,000] Cavalry, [25,000] Auxiliaries.
Leaders: Robert "Prowler" Melhavre, Ellara "Laura" Archiates, Owen "Chaos" Law.

= Celisian Government and Military Rank Structure =
Administrative Branch: The administrative branch of government is by far the most powerful. Nothing passes it without review, and the ending decisions of all affairs are handled by the Triumvirate. This branch oversees civic duties, military affairs, international relations, and the like.

Triumvirate: The leaders of the nation without question are the Triumvirs, all affairs pass through their judgment.

Civic Department: Controls city build up, the construction of public buildings, agriculture, mint, bridges, etc.

Armed Forces: The armed forces are charged with the defense of Celis's interests and peoples. Their training is kept up to date, they are paid, and the armor and weapons of the main fighting force are supplied.

= Structure =
Contubernium: Tent group consisting of [10] men.
Centuria: A century is made up of [10] Contubernium with a total of [100] men commanded by a centurion.
Cohorts: Includes [5] centuriae or a total of [500] soldiers. In addition to this the first cohort has double the amount of soldiers.
Legion: A legion consists of [10] cohorts, equaling [5000] soldiers. Additionally each Legion has [250] light cavalry, and [250] heavy cavalry. This group of cavalry is also known as the Equis Cohort.
Front: A front is any number of Legions under [5] and over [2].
Theater: A theater is any number of Legions over the number five operating either in war or peacetime.

= Senior Officers =
Triumvir Legionis: This post is filled by a Triumvir of the Triumvirate, they have full control of a theater in a given area.

Mirael: This post is filled by a long serving veteran, or is selected by the Triumvirate. Is the main commander of a front.

Firael: This post is filled by a long serving veteran, or is selected by the Triumvirate. The holder of this position is the main commander of a given legion.

Praefectus Castrorum: The camp Prefect. Generally is a long serving veteran who has been promoted through the ranks of the centurions and is 3rd in overall command of a Legion.

Knights: Each legion has [20] military knight class citizens. They are in many cases career officers and serve many of the important administrative tasks of the Legion, but still serve in a full tactical command function during engagements.

Primus Centurions: Senior Centurion of the entire legion.

= Mid-Level Officers =
Centurions: Each Legion has [50] centurions, one to command each centuria of the 10 cohorts. They are the backbone of the professional army and are the career soldiers who run the day to day life of the soldiers as well as issuing commands in the field

= Non-Commisioned Officers =
Standard Bearer: A single position within the Legion. The standard bearer has an enormously important and prestigious position. The next step up in post is as a Centurion.

Sergeant: Each Centurion has a second in command, appointed by the Centurion themselves from within the ranks.

= Milites =
Specialists: These are trained surgeons, engineers, surveyors, architects, and craftsmen. They are exempt from heavy labor and receive more pay than the standard solider.

Discens: Soldiers in training to become specialists.

Milites: The basic private level foot soldier.

Tirones: New recruit.

Aristocracy: The Aristocracy is the third Branch of the over all Celis government. Although they have no real power, their influence can be felt throughout the nation. The opinion of the Aristocracy is often taken into deep consideration by the Triumvirate.

Tribuni: Is the overseer of the Aristocracy, he is the representative of the nobles.
Aristocrat [Noble]: Any member of the upper middle class, either having to do with a military retirement, or a merchant.


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